the brothers stallone

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    Two young men, Carlo and Luigi, came over from the old country, from Roma, and arrived here with nothing but a few coins and a desire to succeed. Carlo had a vast amount of Mechanical knowledge, which got him a job with the railroad. Luigi had a fairly severe speech impediment, which he parlayed into a fortune in the entertainment world. Carlo stayed with the railroad his whole working life, saving, inventing, and investing everything back into the railroad, until he owned a majority of the stock, and was very wealthy. Just before he retired, however, he was involved in an accident which left left him partially paralized, and dependent on crutches.

    They decided to take one last trip to the old country before they died, and off they went. After the trip, Luigi was telling his fellow club members about it.

    "Well fust we went to euwope, to wondon town, and wooked it all ova." "You and Carlo?" asked one of the club members. "Oh no, he haff to stay in hotel woom, he cwippled, you know." "We went to seben towns, but my bwother haff to stay in hotel woom, cause he cwippled you know." "Den, woma, and audience wiff Pope. My bwother went wif me to Pope's house. We walk in, my bwother wif his cwutches. Pope look at my bwother, and he cwoss, my bwother look at Pope and he cwoss. Pope went to my bwother, and trew his cwuthes away."

    "What did your brother do?" asked the club member.

    "Why, he fall on his ass, he cwippled, you know."