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The Best Thing About Milt Sparks...

  1. ...is that they take forever to make your stuff and they don't charge till they ship. Plenty of time to collect aluminum cans to pay for it.


    I ordered a VMII and mag pouch for my LC9 a belt and an Axiom OWB and double mag pouch for my Commander.

    The VMII seems like a lot of IWB holster for such a small gun but I have a VMII for my Smith 642 and my Commander and I have not found a better IWB.

    I have been wearing the same Kramer belt forever and it is beat to hell.

  2. Get back to us in six months and let use know how you like it all!
  3. It was a lot easier to collect big bags of aluminum cans 20 years ago. Beer was cheaper.
  4. You know, I have a VMII for my carry 1911 and it is an awesome holster. I also have a Comp-Tac Minotaur for an XD and it's just as comfortable. The difference is you can wait 6 months or 6 days for a holster. You decide.

    I think Tony and those folks at Milt Sparks have a great product but I cannot for the life of me figure out why he wouldn't try to find a way to ramp up production. All I can assume is that he doesn't care. Fine by me...I can shop elsewhere and that's what I have done and have no regrets.

    Anyone want a VMII for a 4" 1911 w/o rail? $250 and it's yours...shipped and insured.

  5. Placed the order on Monday for my vmII for my G 23 gen4 and one Mag holder. So looks like we are in the same boat. Went on a road trip and have not been home to check the mail.
  6. Love my Milt Sparks gear (cordovan and black VMII and double mag carrier for my 92FS). The holster and mag carrier were ordered about five years apart, wait was about 6 months each time.

  7. I have a Milt Sparks holster on my to-buy list.
  8. He's a member here. I got into a tet-a-tet with him suggesting he raise prices to thin out the herd a bit. He objected.

    We swapped PMs and made nice (read: I apologized) and I'm the proud owner of several of his pieces.

    ......but I bought them on ebay.
  9. I had a similar conversation with another holster maker whose order sheet was about one year behind. At the time, it just seemed logical to me that, whereas demand was high, he deserved to make more money. He explained that his interest was in putting his product into the hands of the good guy who needed it and would use it - especially cops - and that these good guys - especially cops - do not earn a lot of money. It was more important to him that his product remain affordable to the good guys who would actually use it than it was to make more money.

    That kind of dedication to his craft impressed me deeply, and it makes me feel a lot better about a waiting period of a year or so.

  10. It's because he's smart, far too many companies have had quality go down down the toilet because some bean counter thought they should "ramp up production" :upeyes:
  11. I would buy a VMII all over again and twice on Sunday because I think they are that good. I have no doubt there are other leather smiths who make exceptional products and someday I will have some of their stuff.

    My order is pushing 5 bills but that is basically for two rigs so I am OK with it. I wish Sparks made a darn cuff case though.:cool:

  12. Tony Kanaley and his crew are amongst the most ethical people I have ever done business with.

    They make a great product (FAR SUPERIOR to the other crap that looks like kydex attached to a cut out pizza box) and refuse the temptation to cash in on their popularity by either raising prices or lowering build quality.

    They are the definition of CRAFTSMEN. Their products ride on my hip daily.

    Words are cheap; I support them with my wallet.

    BTW I have a Comp Tac holster that SCRATCHED two of my 1911's severely for sale if anyone is interested. The company told me to pound sand when I contacted them about it.
  13. There is nothing unethical about raising prices to match demand, thereby reducing the wait.
  14. It is when you are pricing police officers out of the market.

    They're the ones that protect you and your family. They deserve quality gear at affordable prices.

  15. Their ethics also extend beyond pricing. As the OP noted they don't charge until the product is shipped.

    Can't say the same about other makers. I just had a falling out with Kramer over that exact issue. They quoted a four month lead time and charged the card the day after the order was placed.

    That was cancelled quickly and is yet another reason I do business with Tony.
  16. Oh baloney.

    It's his company and I respect his position on this. I own several of his hosters too but I buy on ebay because I don't want to wait. So, in essence, I pay someone else to wait for me.
  17. :upeyes: yeah, because they're making Rolls Royces, right. It's a holster for Pete's sake. When I say "ramp up" I guess I mean he could do something to churn out another 5 or so a week and probably cut the wait time down to 16 weeks instead of 20. I doubt the quality would suffer if it were done right.

    Look, I don't care...it's his company. I've decided to take another route. If someone wants one and doesn't mind waiting, OK. I was simply offering a solution that, if I were in his same shoes, I'd take.

  18. I sure like my Seth's Wraith IWB:thumbsup:
  19. Milt Sparks products may be slow to ship, but their prices are ridiculously good for the quality of the products.

    Of course if you were a Boisean, you can stop by their shop and prowl the dark tunnels for trade secrets and get to pick out choice cuts of leathers for your holsters. Hehe.
  20. It's sooooo easy to just snap your fingers and experienced saddlers just show up to work, huh?:upeyes:

  21. Careful, he can't hear you over the volume of his awesomeness.
  22. I have a Paladin on the way for my 1911, hopefully it will be here next week. Can't wait!
  23. I tried to get one once but I wasnt willing to wait 3-4 months to get it...figured unsecured pocket carry of a Ruger SR9c was not wise :) . So I got a crossbreed. but the thing I liked was that they dont take your $$ till your stuff is ready/shipping/being made....I hate places that take your $$ then want you to wait on their stuff and maybe you get it lol. Someday I will have a Milt or a R. Sherrick for my CC weapon.
  24. I have the Galco Combat Master holster for all of my guns...i don't understand why people pay three times as much, and wait for months/years for a HOLSTER, when an off the shelf rig from Galco, Desantis, Bianchi, etc will do just fine...and since it is a CCW rig, who is going to see it???

    I would put my Galco up against any and every custom holster made....and i have HAD several custom jobs from TT Gunleather and Mitch Rosen.....can't tell a difference when wearing any of them
  25. hell yes and thank you!!!!
  26. I know I'm inviting a hail of criticism for saying this, but cops, along with doctors, janitors, and everyone else, deserve what they can afford.

  27. Thank you for so perfectly illustrating my point about business ethics (or lack thereof):upeyes:
  28. Which you apparently don't know anything about.

    What did Nevermore say that is wrong? If people don't deserve what they can afford, what exactly do they deserve?

  29. I wouldn't expect you to get it. The two of you are pages out of the same pulp fiction novel.
  30. Maybe, instead, you could explain what "business ethics" you are referring to?

  31. I have a Combat Master and three Galco Concealables, I agree they are great holsters. I also have several that Lou Alessi made for me. If you compare the two side by side there really isn't any comparison. The ones Lou made for me, as well as the Sparks holsters I have, are better in every way. This is just my opinion of course. :dunno:

    Not only that they aren't much more money really not even twice as much. The Sparks SS is on the shelf most of the time at Brownells, for 1911s and Glocks, and is $95.00. It's the most popular and most copied IWB holster of all time.
  32. http://miltsparks.com/

    Galco Combat Master retailed at $82, while the Milt Sparks IBAK retailed at $95.

    One is off-the-shelf one is custom made. Easy answer for me.
  33. The best thing about Milt Sparks is that if there were a problem with their products, they'd handle it ASAP. Try to refund your Bianchi/Galco/whatever. Chances are the shops that you bought them from would tell you to contact the manufacturers for warranty issues and then you can wait at their own time for resolution.