The American Narrative is Being Re-Written

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    Last warning before banning


    "I wended my way up the Walgreens greeting card aisle. I stopped dead in my tracks. A card featured a cartoon image of a white man with a mullet haircut. This cartoon character wore a baseball or seed cap and a sleeveless t-shirt, a so-called "guinea T," "dago T" or "wife-beater." The very names convey class and ethnic contempt, as the New York Times points out. "Is the vilification of working-class men fair?" The Times laments, in an op-ed entitled "Are We Really Still Calling This Shirt a 'Wife Beater'?"

    Over the sleeveless t-shirt, the character on the card was wearing a red plaid shirt with cut-off sleeves. Red plaid is associated with men who work outdoors and require warm, sturdy clothing. This is a shirt you could wear while working as a janitor, a plumber, a mechanic, or a landscaper. Even such relatively low status jobs as golf caddy or busboy would not allow this shirt. Behind the man is his home, and, if you are paying attention, you know exactly what his home is. It's a trailer, one of the declassee models that would not be allowed into the better campgrounds.

    His mouth is open. He has one tooth. His chin is weak. He has no neck. Necklessness is a quality associated with sub-humans. Orangutans, as well as some weightlifters, can appear to have no neck. An elegant neck is a sign of evolution; necklessness is the sign of a throwback. He has a hairy chin, a hairy chest, and hairy elbows.

    The caption on the front of the card reads, "How about some redneck fireworks for your birthday?" Inside, the white trash man is bending over. His buttocks are exposed, as often happens when a working class man, a plumber, say, bends over. He is holding a lit match to his anus. Smoke appears. He is lighting a fart.

    Search Google for "toothless" and "white trash." You will find almost a million results. Perhaps the most sickening detail of this search is the many porn pages that offer "toothless white trash" as a sexual fantasy. You will see poor white people depicted as among the ugliest, most repulsive creatures on earth, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

    Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. collects race antiques. Such collectors are on the prowl for any product, no matter how obscure, that depicts African Americans in a stereotypical way. They cite the lawn jockey or the four-piece kitchen canister set shaped like a plump black woman in "Mammy" attire, and declare, "See? America is systemically racist."

    I'm throwing the gauntlet down. Tell me that "toothless white trash" images are any less contemptuous, hostile, and repugnant, any less saturated with the superior's hatred for the inferior, than any given image of a Mammy sugar canister. Be sure to switch off safe search so you can see the hideous porn. Sights that, once seen, can't be unseen. And then there are the captions, like "Donald Trump supporters are all toothless, inbred, white trash."

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    Extends to speech, also. If the inward is banned, then so should cracker, redneck, and honky.

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    Thing is, us white folks don't get all bent over stuff like that. We have a sense of humor.
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    Jul 18, 2020
    In modern America, racism against White Christians is perfectly fine.
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    That and white people actually self regulate their own kind. Whites distance themselves from trashy, poorly behaving members of their own race. While SOME races will glorify their trash and have 8 televised funerals and wear the names of trash on athlete’s jerseys.

    White trash is criticized.
    Black trash is glorified. That’s the difference.
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    Mar 25, 2020
    Absolute facts, well-stated.
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