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That had to hurt...

  1. Play stupid games win stupid prizes....
  2. :animlol:

  3. nice butt in the end tho
  4. I have to quote USMCSilver on this;"stupid hurts".

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  5. Caution, wake turbulence...
  6. :woohoo:
  7. That booty at :43 was worth watching a few times
  8. Nice video. I was enjoying the view butt, I just couldn't figure out what happened at the tail end. I'm sure something was going on just slightly behind the scenes, butt I just wasn't assured of the end result.

    I assume all ended with a bang, since all that crack and blow was involved.

    Thanks for posting.
  9. i see what you did there
  10. You sir may very well be a poet.
  11. YES YES YES!!!:wavey:
  12. Well I'll be... Jet engines move a lot of air? Who'd a' thunk it?

    (Nice damn bikini butt.)
  13. That location ought to have a continuously running video of the Mythbusters clip where they blow away a school bus with a 747 at T/O power ......:supergrin:

    & yeah .... Nice butt ! ...... :wow:

  14. Two notes:

    1) Shame on ur drunk ass!!

    2) What the hell was that videographer doing??!! Dude, when u got a nice thonged up ***** like that on camera, steady up MAN!! How about a bent over close up!!?? Geez louise!

  15. She should join the navy. It would be even more fun to get blown off of a flight deck.
  16. What would be the noise level on the beach in that situation?
  17. WHAT?!? :whistling:

  18. LOL. Yup, sure does.

    Sad thing is that she'll probably sue and win. :upeyes:
  19. That is one crazy beach.
  20. I just had a flashback to my first day working on the flight line at Shaw AFB in 1977. The base had RF-4C's at the time. I was standing with a group of guys when they took off running and hid behind a step van. I couldn't figure out why. Then a plane taxied out of its parking spot, did a 90-degree turn onto the taxiway, goosed the power and the jet wake proceeded to tumble my young Airman Basic butt down the flight line. The other guys laughed for days.

    From that day on I learn the value of situational awareness.
  21. That is some funny [email protected]#t right there!! LOL
  22. Oh, there was a beach in that video??!!:cool: