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Thanks to Threefeathers

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by AZBru88, Jul 29, 2010.

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    May 21, 2010
    I just wanted to express my thanks to Threefeathers for providing me with my first private lesson. Due to my Handicaps I didn't feel I could take on the 8 hr class he has at Fort Hauchuca. He was able to work through my Handicaps and taught me a lot. We where able to condense the lesson into a workable couple hours for me. (Bad feet and legs have a hard time standing for long periods of time)
    Dan is a very good instructor. Very clear in his instruction, plus he is very sharp at picking up little things. One I'm right handed, and after cataract surgery on both eye's I went from right eye to left eye dominant. He saw that right away and taught me a nice trick of slightly tilting my Glock to the left. Left eye picks up the sight right away. We worked on grip, 3 stances, shooting from cover (both strong and weak side), strong and weak hand shooting, scenario's with family to protect, reloading, and speed vs hitting the target drills. Can't wait for my next lesson.
    I have shot most of my life, 40+ years and many, many thousands of rounds. Its always nice to shoot with someone that can give you knowledgeable feedback. Learning is so much fun. Changing my grip was probably the biggest thing Dan did for me. I have hours of dry fire practice in, can't wait for my foot to heal so I can get a bunch of live fire practice in. Been keeping really busy in the loading room, so I'm ready.
    If you have a chance to work with Dan, do so. Very nice person. Very knowledgeable, he's been there and knows what works and what isn't safe. He is also up on legal issues that surround a self defense shooting (I learned a bunch about that too!).
    Dan did prove one big thing....he can teach an old dog new tricks!:supergrin:
    Many, many thanks to Dan for taking time out of his busy life to give me a lesson, can't wait to take the next one.:thumbsup:
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