Thanks for your advice!

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by raindog, Nov 21, 2004.

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    Apr 24, 2004
    I just wanted to thank the people who helped me several months ago when I started picking out a rifle for hunting next year. I'm a purely defensive / political shooter who plans on going out to stock the local foodbanks for Hunters Share the Harvest to help the poor of my area in increasingly hard times.

    I got my rifle, a Mosin-Nagant, and I plan on going out to start my target practice with it next week so I can be sure to harvest deer humanely with it in a year.

    Thank you all for the advice you gave, even if I didn't get any of the guns people suggested, and thank you all for generally sharing experiences. I'll try to keep those who might care about my preparations updated as the year goes forward with posts here.