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Thanks For the Prayers

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Magicmanmb, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Magicmanmb

    Magicmanmb RIP BUDDY

    Dec 10, 2006
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    Redneck Heaven Myrtle Beach (SC)
    Thanks to all who sent prayers and good wishes. I broke jail (hospital) Sunday before last I've been on high dose blood thinners since the embolus in October. What showed as a blockage this time that they thought was a clog from fat was actually another embolus. Somehow it had not dissolved after all this time, and part had broke loose and caused a mini stroke. Healthcare here really stinks. I put back up a couple of the items I will not be using. I will be going back as a reserve, for the insurance, the wife didn't know I would be covered under the policy (up north not SC). It will be strictly desk and directing traffic & the drunk wagon. No patrol. Private insurance would cost over 10K a year.

    Again thanks to all of you.

    Chris aka MagicmanMB.

    Also someone hijacked my account here and on Paypal I haven't paid anyone with paypal since Feb. 09. If you made or received a payment after 2/01/09 from me I didn't get it or purchase I have had to sue Paypal to get them to close my account permanently. We know who stole our Identities the wifes ex. Just can't prove it.
  2. ronnie1970


    Nov 26, 2004
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    Winnabow nc
    I did not know you were sick glad your feeling better take care,God Bless. Ronnie:wavey: