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Thank You GSSF

  1. Some of us old timers are used to seeing Vicki and Jackie at the matches, and Jackie did a bang up job getting the results on line for us last year, but we often forget to thank the GSSF Staff, mainly Bruce and Diane (in alphabetical order)for posting the results to the web site.

    Bruce and Diane, please forgive our oversight. We do appreciate all that you do for us. We all owe you some aiming fluid at Conyers.;c ;c ;c
  2. I also want to thank Bruce, Diane and the entire GSSF Staff for a great job. It was pointed out to me that JEL merely posts the results to the web site when it is given to her and that the GSSF Staff really does all the work. Sorry if I directed my thaks in the wrong direction but as Danny said we have been so use to seeing Vicki and Jackie at the matches and many times even loading scores into the data base with a lap top that I just assumed they were still the mainstay. Guess that is what I get for assuming. So I want to be sure that the GSSF Staff receives my thanks and appology for me overlooking their hard work. I know its not easy doing all the traveling and scoreing and still maintain a homelife. I spent 30 years in the military so I know how it is to be away from your family.

    Bottom line: THANKS to the entire GSSF Staff for all the hard work.

    See you'al at Statesville---- 5 weeks and still counting.;c ;c ;c
  3. Yes, Coach is on target again...

    What I've done so far is to tell Bruce 'dirty' jokes at the matches and take many pictures of Diane... I too must say...

    THANK YOU!!!! Bruce and Diane!

    You are very much appreciated!

  4. You are very much appreciated!

    Yeah Baby, ditto ditto ditto
  5. In honor of the GSSF staff, I'm posting pics of them that I have taken this year...

    Here's a pic of Scott (on the left) and Diane (on the right - with the COOL SHADES!)
  6. Here's Bruce of GSSF (taken at Jackson)!
  7. Here's Chris at Nashua...
  8. Ditto's from Pat and I. We'll see ya's at the Statesville, NC match.
    A special thanks to Vicki too!
  9. I wish I had pics of our beloved Vicki and Jackie... I will some day!:cool:
  10. Frank
    I'll help you out! Here's Vicki at Richmond this year!
  11. And here's Jackie at Lexington!
  12. Many Thanks to the entire GSSF staff for all your efforts and the work that you do to make the matches a GREAT SUCCESS!!
    THANK YOU!!!
  13. You want pictures of Jackie? Pictures of Jackie I got!

    Here are some from the very select and very secretive (so secretive no-one knew about it) 2002 Inagural Australian Invitational...

    JEL in Sydney


    JEL tries to bribe the Plates R.O. for a better score...


    JEL trying to sweet talk the Glock M R.O. into letting her shoot the stage again

    [​IMG] ]

    PS: About the Australian Invitational... just kidding (but it's a great rumor to start!)
  14. Yeah BABY!! Great pics, keep 'em coming!
  15. Here's another of Vicki with my children Chinae, Amanda and James at Jacksonville 2002!
  16. I thought it was a thankless job?
    Thanks to the ENTIRE GSSF staff, you guys are the best.

    Dan, is that Chinae demonstrating the old saw, "you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose?"

    Take Care
  17. Actually it's an old martial arts move that Dan musta taught her on how to un-nerve the opponent... so when they bust out laughing (like I did when I saw the pic)... you can RUN or punch them in the nose!;f
  18. Luckily for Dan, she wasn't at the movies and picking her seat
  19. HA! That last photo was laugh out loud funny! Thanks for posting that one. I'd bet your daughter would like to kick you in the butt for that one though...
  20. That's Amanda practicing her secret weapon for the Am/Civ class!!
    Look Out!! She just might be the next High Jr Female!!!
  21. Thanks GSSF, You guys do a great job. I was amazed at how fast you got the Couer d' alene results up. It is really appreciated. Keep up the good work.
  22. Dan, Is Amanda photogenic or what?! She sure knows what to do in front of the camera!
  23. Frank
    She's the HAM in the family!!