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    I did not want to hi-jack the other TFO thread so I started this one.

    I rub down my weapons frequently with a silicon cloth or similar cloths. I understand that this causes the TFO's to dull from the silicon material. What would you recommend to clean them? Would you use alcohol on a cotton swab to rub them down? How do you clean them?
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    Fiber optic rods are usually glass or acrylic. Most certainly, the gun sights use acrylic.

    I would not think that silicon alone would etch the acrylic fiber optic rods. As for dulling, on my Trijs & Meps, the thin film of silicon has no noticeable effect on the sight's brightness; moreover, it acts as a dirt-release for easy future cleaning--kind of like PAM on a frying pan.

    Alcohol may immediately or eventually etch the rods. I'd buy some rod refills from Dawson Precision, Cabella's, etc., and try it before proceeding.

    I use H2Orange2, a peroxide-based cleaner on my DP FO/Adj Sights, with no ill effects. Likewise, Hoppe's Elite Gun Cleaner seems safe for fiber optics too.

    Keep in mind that fine grit will scratch the rods over time, having the same effect as etching them. Better to float away and blast away any grime.

    My method is to set the slide upside down on a bottle cap, almost filled with H2Orange2, while I clean the receiver. I use canned air & Q-Tips to clean.

    In the case of TFOs, I'd avoid soaking the sight, as they're partially held together by adhesives--unlike my DPs.

    I'm sure others will chime in shortly! I'd be curious to see what others are doing without damaging the rods.


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    The only cleaners I use on sights is dish soap & water,
    and rubbing alcohol. Q-Tips are great for sight cleaning.