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Texas Man Allegedly ‘Having Sex With a Fence’ Arrested for Exposure

  1. So, he was doing the knotty? :whistling: :supergrin:
  2. Helluva way for him to try and seduce the neighbor lady. :crazy:
  3. I got nothin. :(
  4. Dude minding his own business taking a piss and some nosy neighbor films him, so he rolls with it. Hats off to this guy.
  5. No pics of the fence? :fist:
  6. Eleodoro Estala was seen by a neighbor urinating on the grass but when he saw the neighbor taking video of him with her cell phone he took off his clothing and began thrusting himself into the fence that separates their properties.

    The woman called the police and showed them photos and video of Estala’s actions. He was then arrested for exposure.

    Woody woodpecker approves of this incident.
  7. That's how you deal with wood.
  8. Isn't it good, Norwegian wood?
  9. The article starts out "A man from Austin", that would be all I need to read. Austin has always been weird.
  10. How old was the fence?
  11. Must use wood to deal with wood. Doesn't sound particularly pleasurable though. He should stick with Palmela.
  12. Phew.. I'm just glad it's not me this time.
  13. Don't fence him in.
  14. Exactly,inquiring ,er dirty minds want to know if it was at least a good looking fence. SJ 40
  15. Fence musta been hawt.
  16. Ow splinters :alex:
  17. Did this o-fence involve wood and did it occur in the morning?

    So do his fellow inmates label him a "Peckerwood"
  18. [​IMG]

  19. Careful!

    He would put your eye out!
  20. Better watch out for bees with all those knot holes. "Me check'um for bees"!
  21. Texans are an odd lot.
  22. We are knot!
  23. Cheesus Christo amigo! Eres loco en la cabesa?
  24. This hot stud from Austin
    Was feeling too tense
    Thought it won't cost him
    To take on a fence
  25. It's gonna take a good defence lawyer to get him out of this!
  26. A loose knot. :)
  27. Fencing is a poking sport.
  28. Most guys prefer Texas Hold'em, not holed one.
  29. Waiting for the obligatory: "I'd hit it"
  30. I'm not sure putting him behind bars will be a punishment.
  31. A true bard if I ever read one.
  32. The comments on the original article are hilarious.
  33. OK, I'm not proud:

    I'd hit it!
  34. Seems to me that it is knotty pine.
  35. 1/1 wood not bang. :supergrin:
  36. :rofl: I don't care if you **** a fence post...one of my favorites!!
  37. If I was his neighbor, I would've hollered out the window and said.."Look, I hate fence straddlers, make up your mind...are you "arriving" or departing...I have things to do!!" :rofl:
  38. She turned his yes hole into a knot hole.
  39. Nope. It was pecan. He was trying to get a nut.
  40. Really? A filf?
  41. You like seeing wet spots:cat:
  42. I went to school with a gal whose last name was Fence.
  43. Is that against the law? If I had known...
  44. Must not have been a rock pile with a snake in it handy.
  45. Austin must have off the charts dissolved solids in their municipal water.
  46. There was a young man from Austin
    Who noticed his neighbor accostin'
    He whipped out his pole
    Stuck it through a hole
    And covered the ground with his frostin'

  47. When I was young and in my prime
    I used to ($*^ O#$ all the time
    Now I'm old and got more sense
    I use a hole in a picket fence