Tex-Mex Frijoles y Chorizos

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    This is a quick and easy red beans and chorizos done southwest Tex-mex style

    1 sml pkt of dried Red Beans Washed and Soak in Water & Beer ( optional )

    1 sml tomatoe dice in large chunks

    1 sml Onion Dice medium to small

    1 sml garlic clove cut and dice very fine

    1 sml Jalapeno diced small

    a pinch of garlic salt , salt and Cheyenne

    1 ham stock cube for additional flavoring

    5 pieces of bacon fired and cut in small pieces

    1 large Chorizo Sausage ( or Morcilla,tripe,ground beef/sirloin )

    2 tbsp of Arbol Chile Sauce

    Wash and soak beans in about 1-2 qt of chilled water with beer ( pick what brand you like ) Drain beans and added to pot with 50-50 of water and beer and bring mixture to a rapid boil, add salt,garlic-salt, Cheyenne pepper, Arbol chile sauce to water and let mixture simmer for about 40-70mins but not to well done or soft. Stir occassionly and do not let water boil out and the beans to burn.

    In a skillet fried the bacon to slight crispy but not well done, remove bacon, and split fat from bacon cuts and and dice everything and add to simmering beans.

    Then brown the chorizo in the bacon drippings and brown the sausages but don't burn them. If you can get the fresh chorizos then all is great or if not the " O'le " Brand with the wrappers removed and brown and then cut down to size is okay. You can also subsitute Morcilla ( blood sausages ) or other spanish sausages, or fired beef tripe if you don't care for Chorizos or sausages.

    Add all others items ( chorizo,Jalapeno,onions,tomatotes,etc.. ) and let the items cooks for about 15mins and stir really good. Serve with big spoon w/holes over rice and w/cornbread.

    Enjoy with a nice cool beer and eat,

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    You are making me hungry.