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I'm testing waters right now. I have a perfect condition P225. It's NOT the cheap German Police P6 flooding the market right now and it is NOT a police P225 trade-in being sold a few years ago. This is the civilian P225. I'm the second owner and the first owner bought it brand new at a store. It comes with 1 mag. When I said "perfect" condition, I really meant it. Not a single scratch on it. I put maybe 200 rds through it and the first owner put less than 7-800 rds.

Location: 92683 (Westminster, CA)
Price: $575

Trades: Will only consider G17 w/ NS. Trades only accepted in Southern California.

Detailed pictures up shortly.

Main difference I noticed when shooting this (P225) next to a P6 side-by-side.
-the barrel is different. P225 loads JHP without problems. P6 guys are changing their barrels with P225 barrels - $150 upgrade
-Hammer is different - P225 have much lighter pull. P6 can upgrade to wolf spring - $20-30 upgrade + labor
-P6 guys are re-coating the slide due to holster wear and other wear/tear - $60-150 job.
-P6 does not feel as smooth. This is subjective, but I'm sure most will agree.
-P225 stamping - Priceless!!!!
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