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Test ride report on BMW R1200ST

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, Nov 19, 2005.

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    Oct 23, 2000
    Tejas, US
    This bike is 25-lbs lighter than my Rockster even though it's a sport tourer thanks to the weight reduction efforts at the Bavarian shop. It feels like it too. The front wheel is much easier to move around now. The counterbalanced flat twin is a bit smoother but not silky smooth which is good because I want to know that I'm riding a twin and not a sewing machine I4. It revs quicker and puts out a lot more torque. People said that the new flat twin doesn't have the low down grunt of the old flat twin. They must be smokin' crack or somethin' because that ain't how this thing felt to me. Crack the throttle and it lunges forward.

    The suspension is also markedly better. Better damping, better compression rate, better everything. Brake is also more linear if that's possible on a servo-assisted system. Rear brake lever sits too low though and has a lot of travel before it engages. Me no likie.

    The clutch is lighter which is nice. However the gear shift is blah! :soap: It's so vague that I couldn't tell if I've put the damn thing in gear. The old shift was a clunker, but at least it was positive.

    I like what BMW is doing to the current flat twin. I'm waiting for the R1200S to come out next year. Now, that thing, she will be bad ***!!!