Test ride report - 2006 Aprilia Tuono

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, May 1, 2006.

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    Aprilia had a very small showing at the California Speedway AMA races this last weekend, but man, the test rides were awesome!

    They had a bunch of 2006 Tuono and 2006 Mille plus a Caponord and a couple of Scarabeo scooters for demo rides. Only Aprilia and Yamaha offered demo rides and the bulk of the Yamaha's demo fleet were cruisers with the exception of a couple of FZ1 and a couple of V-Maxes (I took a ride on the V-Max and the FZ-1 too but that's for another thread).

    The Aprilia boys weren't afraid of giving out good demo rides. These bikes were literally out of the box without any break-ins and we were bouncing off the red lines in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears.:supergrin:

    We even took some decent corners too. There was a mapped out route that everybody suppose to follow (Aprilia & Yamaha), but the Ape boys took us around the industrial area next to the race track and rode rather spiritedly :broccoli:

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. Engine - a little bit more power than the 1st gen (133 vs 126 hp & maybe 2-lbft of torque more), but the power delivery was a lot better. No more low RPM glitches and the flat spot at mid-range is practically gone (no more of the kick-in-the-pants effect at around 5500-rpm), so it's smooth pulling all the way. The engine is even smoother than before with less tendency for wheelying. Highway cruising vibration will even be better. But you still have the V-twin thrumming effect though.

    2. Suspension - A lot better sorted than before. The rear spring is heavier so that it can deal with heftier rider better. They must have done something with the valving because the action is a lot smoother than before and much better damped. Going over bumps don't give you the feeling of bucking you off. The front end doesn't push as much as before either. Front fork doesn't nosedive as much under heavy braking either.

    3. Braking is simply awesome. Extremely linear in performance and feedback is great. The rear brake actually works for a change.

    4. Shifting/Clutching - the gear shifter is much smoother than before as well. Clutch engagement is also smoother and more positive.

    5. Riding position - you feel more "into" the bike than perching on top of the bike. The seating position is more comfortable and most importantly, feel more natural. The seat is a hair lower and the handlebar is also a hair lower so that you lean forward just a bit instead of sitting straight up like the older generation. It makes for better leaning and hanging off without feeling like you're going to topple over.

    Conclusion - it's more civilized but still can do lots of damage. Think of The Rock dressed up in a casual suit instead of wrestling costume.

    Will I trade mine in? Nope. I've invested too much time and effort into taming the beast, but I will not hesistate recommend the new Tuonos over the old ones.
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    Aprilia demo rides are awesome! When Aprilia used to bring there bikes to Americade in Lake George NY, I had the opportunity to work for them as one of the lead demo riders. They wanted us to lead the rides at a pace that would show off their sportbikes capabilities. Alot of riders came up to me afterwards and said it was the best demo ride they ever had. I know I enjoyed every one.

    The demo course was almost 30 miles long and had some really great curvy mountain roads. I couldn't believe they were paying me to have so much fun on their machines. By far the best gig I've ever had. Unfortunately they decided not to bring their demo bikes to Americade in 2005 or 2006.

    The Tuono was my favorite to ride and the Falco was a close second. The Mille is truly awesome through the curves, but a little uncomfortable when you aren't straffing corners. The Futura is a great sport tourer with the emphasis on sport. I even liked their scooters, especially the 500cc Atlantic, which will do over 100mph, and can fly up a mountain road at a very spirted pace.

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