Test report - 2006 Aprilia Mille

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, May 1, 2006.

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    What goes for the Tuono, goes for the Mille.

    The only difference is the riding position. Supposedly the 2nd generation Mille has better seating position than the 1st and 1.5 generations. I find that hard to believe. It's still a freaking Italian sport bike with ergonomics designed by Marquis de Sade. My legs are all jacked up and I'm hunched over worse than the Quasimodo. I can't lift up my freaking head to look through the corners. Granted that the riding position makes it very easy to tip the bike into the corner, but if you can't lift your head up to look far ahead, how are you suppose to corner smoothly?

    I almost dropped the bike at a stop sign because my short legs coupled with the lean forward hand hold = disaster.:freak:

    Anyway, this bike isn't too friendly toward short people even though it's suppose to be nearly 1" lower than the older Mille.

    I didn't get to ride the Japanese sport bike but just for sitting on top of them in riding position, I can tell that they allow you to sit up more.

    What is it with those damn Italians and their extreme riding positions? Ducati, MV, Aprilia, they're all crazy!!!

    Actually there are two main differences between the 2006 Tuono and 2006 Mille:

    1. The Mille now sports Ohlins forks (the Factory model has Ohlins front and rear as always).

    2. The Mille engine has 10 extra horses (143 at the crank). You can really feel the extra oomph at upper RPM ranges.

    Did I mention that we red lined from 1st through 3rd? :perfect10: