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Test firing date info moved from barrel to frame?

  1. Hi all,

    I just took possession of my new Glock 17, when I noticed something peculiar; the barrel has not been stamped with the three letters denoting when it was test fired. Instead, this data is found on the frame, on the right hand side. It has the Austrian proof house stamping, and the letters BWM, which should translate to April of 2015. Can anyone confirm that this stamping has been moved?
  2. Probably because only the frame is registered and uppers are interchangeable between the G17/G34/G17L/G22/G35/G24 and G31. I have three G17's that have two different slides and one barrel with different serial numbers from when Glock replaced them due to cracks.
  3. That makes sense, thanks.
  4. The other thing is that it's kinda of ridiculous to think a bullet from a hammer forged barrel can be marked like a rifled barrel. One of the guys in forensics at the local sheriffs dept says that he was shot with a Glock, yea, any of the 2 million of them.....
  5. This thread is going to cofuse a lot of people. The three-letter date code is found only on Austrian-made pistols THAT ARE AUSTRIAN PROOFED. The referenced letters are NOT PART OF THE SERIAL NUMBER.

    Read ALL of the thread posted at:


    for explanation and a photo.

    This date code will NOT appear on USA-market pistols, even those made in Austria, that are not proofed in Austria.

    The OP is in Norway, IIRC.
  6. I wasn't aware of that, thanks. And yes, I'm in Norway.
  7. That just shows how useful US National Security Agency telecommunication monitoring can be! (OK...that was a joke.)

    Norway...soon to become the Northwest Levant??? (That may NOT be so much a joke!)