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Tenkara, Japanese Style Fly Fishing

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I’m really enjoying Glock Talk. It’s a wealth of information on my chosen platform.

I’m an ex 91b, 1/27 25INF.

I’m 61, been fly fishing since I was 10. 13 years ago I was making bamboo fly rods and a fellow maker turned me on to kid selling tenkara rods. I bought one and started my journey to understand all about it. I’ve been fishing with the experts in Japan in their many watersheds. Japan is a lot of fun. It’s more of a cultural trip than fishing but we did a lot of fishing for Iwana, Yamame and Amago, Japanese trout and char.

I’m a writer and produce a non commercial website on the subject. I would call it my blog but I can’t because it’s not all about me. I create it with a Japanese tenkara expert.

We help people understand in the English language about tenkara as it is practiced in Japan and now around the world.

Tenkara and fly fishing are brothers. Tenkara is easier than fly fishing to get started but harder to master.

I compare it to bow hunting on the experienced end of the spectrum.

Anyway, I’ve been shooting for as long as I’ve been fishing. I enjoy this site minus the ills of social media.

I’m sharing my resource with you here:

No forum, just reading.

Thanks and have a great day!
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I have some Tenkara gear, couple of rods, flies, and such. My only fly fishing gear. While not really proficient, and I haven't done Tenkara fishing in a while, I do enjoy the endeavor. I'll check out the website.
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