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Tell me about GOLF ASAP

  1. Ok, I need a crash course in GOLF !!! uhh terms :whistling:

    I have an unexpected chance to interview for an executive level position w/ a large REIT. The CEO and CFO I am meeting w/ are huge golf guys, like crazy for golf like we are for guns I guess.

    Anyway, I will not be working in the same state w/them so its not like I am going to pinched into a tight spot having to prove my BS from what I say in the interview.

    I know Golf will come up during the meeting and from what others have told me, it is actually a huge factor if they like/hire you, I know crazy right.

    So here is the deal, I know nothing about golf other than Tiger Woods likes lots of babes, and he lives just down the road :cool: that's it, nothing else. I tried watching the Masters for 3 days but jeez I was falling asleep every 5 mins.

    Bogey, birdy, eagle wtf ??? I know par is like avg and that is 72 right ?

    What are good clubs ? like the HK of clubs ?? any forums I can goto to study up on this stuff. Just enough to BS for 3 mins if I am backed into a corner. I already know the names of local courses. Thanks
  2. Par is equal to whatever the Hole is rated at.
    Bogey is +1 over par
    Birdie is -1 under par
    Eagle is -2 under par
    Double bogey is +2 over par

    I haven't played since my dad made me in high school so I can't tell you anything about clubs.

    A hook goes left and slice goes right. Fairway is the nice pretty grass in the middle that you want to keep the ball in.

    The Rough is the crud on the outside you don't want to hit into. Sand trap is just that, a trap of sand to catch the ball. The green is the flat grass surface that keeps the hole.

    Gas golf carts can flat out fly and jump hills when set up right. Electric carts are usually loaned to non-members. LOL
  3. If the interview is in the next couple days, I imagine all the talk would be about the Masters. Find a recording and watch the last hour or two. Make small talk about anything that happened during that time.

    The way Bubba Watson hit the green from the pine needles would be a great start.

    You can also talk about how Mickelson got a quad bogey. Ugly.
  4. I think you'd be a lot better off being honest than trying to snow guys who know better.
  5. Golf isnt something you go out the first time and expect to do anything other than flail around like an idiot. It's hard, frustrating, confusing, demanding.. Also very expensive equipment wise. Since you won't have to prove you can play...

    Mizuno is maybe the HK of clubs,or Taylor made, ping.m everyone has favorites. Birdie is good. Say youre playing a par4, you get the ball in the hole in 3. Birdie, minus one. A bogey would be making a 5, one over. Par would keep you even. Tell them you fight a nasty slice, but you can hit it 300 yards, like every other golfer does.. Lol
  6. I don't recommend trying to BS golf to golf nuts, they will see right through you.

    You can say you've been thinking about playing golf because your father-in-law or friend recently invited you to play. Or maybe you just met a beautiful gal and she loves golf, etc. :whistling: Admit your knowledge is limited but that you are interested in the sport because of other factors, that will put you on their good side during the interview without appearing to be an ***kisser.

    Quickie lesson in terminlogy:

    Each hole has a standard number of strokes, or par. A short hole (generally distance of less than 150 yards) has a par of 3 strokes. A longer hole 500+ yards will have a par of 5.

    When a player takes the same number of strokes as the standard to "hole out" (finish paying), that person is said to have "made par."

    If the player finishes that hole under par by 1 shot, it is a "birdie."

    If the player finishes that hole under par by 2 shorts, it is an "eagle."

    If the player finishes that hole over par by 1 shot it is a "bogie."

    If the player finishes that hole over par by 2 shots it is a "double bogie."

    If the player finishes that hole over par by 3 shots it is a "triple bogie."

    If you do worse than 3 shots over you just suck.

    There are a lot of manufacturer of golf clubs and balls and gear, you will not be able to know them all. People have different allegiance to these manufacturers, again you will not be able to discuss them without extensive immersion.
  7. Good advice if they are hiring your for your knowledge of golf bull.

    Or be honest and try to get the job for your talent alone.
  8. Rent Goldfinger...
  9. Talk about how you live close to PGA national. Hell, drive down to PGA national and look around. It's an awesome facility. Also, you can point out that many golfers live in Jupiter. Jason Day lives in the Loxahatchee club in Jupiter. Ricky Fowler moved to Jupiter, my friend has met him a few times. Tiger Woods lives on Jupiter Island (as you already mentioned).

    Don't try and be fake about golf. You can be fake about wanting to be interested in golf. Florida is the golf capital of the world. Say that you're finally starting to wonder what it's all about and you're interested in learning. It may be boring to watch sometimes, but it's awesome to play. I played yesterday.

    And, for your own personal benefit, you do actually live in the golf capital of the world. Might as well embrace it! People pay thousands of dollars to come here and play golf during the winter. You have courses all over the place in your own backyard.


    Keegan Bradley is from Tequesta. He's also a Pro.

    As for clubs, they go from shortest to longest.

    The loft (angle) on the clubs goes like this. The sand wedge (shortest club) has the most loft - that means it will knock the ball highest in the air, but it goes short, around 100 yards). The next is Pitching wedge, it's a little less angled. Then 9 iron has a little less loft, etc.. all the way to the 5 or 4 iron. The Fairway woods have big heads on them, and they are barely angled at all. They will go very far. The driver has the least loft and will go the furthest. It is also the longest club you have.

    Hybrids are new, they are like a combination of a fairway wood and an iron. Also, the term "wood" is used for clubs that are metal. They're starting to call them "fairway metals" but people will say "fairway wood" too. They aren't actually wood, they're metal.

    A 5 wood will shoot a little less distance than a 3 wood. Why? The 3 wood has a little less loft than the 5 wood, and the club itself is longer. Hope this helps understand golf a little more.
  10. If you can drink beer you can play golf. That's how it was explained to me anyways.
  11. Don't wear your cleats in the club house.
  12. Much ado about nothing!:kidding:
  13. Bring cigars an booze and don't be afraid to look foolish and you will have a great time.
    I miss golf a bit,I sucked at it but it's fun-my friend who I golfed with died of cancer and I have not swung a club since.

    I once got par on a big sized 18 hole course-what a glorious day.
    Normally I'm 2-3 over par on every hole.
  14. Turn your lack of knowledge around to an advantage. Just like you came here seeking advice and knowledge about the game, use that in the interview. When they ask you the first golf related question, crack the ice by using something along the lines of...

    "Oh man! I've been trying to immerse myself in the game as much as possible lately after seeing how someone like Bubba Watson can win The Masters with no formal lessons at all... so now I'm really interested in getting into the game but just need someone to point me in the right direction. How did you guys get into golf?"

    Then let them do all the talking and take the "father teaching a son" role. Then all you have to do is soak it all up and feed into it.

    I manipulate people for a living, trust me on this one.
  15. I'm not a fan of BS'ing - you're always going to get called on it at some point.

    If you must, I'd probably go with something like 'I really enjoy golf, but I'm just getting started. I try to make it to the driving range when I can, and now I'm at the point where people don't have to clear out from the tees on either side of me. (self-deprecating chuckle).'

    I'd highly recommend taking a couple hours at the local driving range getting a basic lesson before you try even this much BS, though, or you'll look like an idiot liar when they ask you even basic questions about the range.
  16. In my limited experience(I'm young in the business world, only a couple years out of school) BS'ing them is a bad idea. They'll see through it just like you would see through someone BS'ing you about guns.

    Gain as much knowledge as possible, but admit your ignorance too. For me, playing golf has been a lot like shooting guns. Those more experienced have always been willing to take a new guy out to show them the ropes and teach them. It may even stroke their egos( no pun intended). I'm assuming you will fit the job on your own merit but they may enjoy bringing their new exec to the links to teach about more than just golf.

    Also, pick up golf. It's expensive and time consuming, but a great place to have a meeting outside of a conference room. Let us know how it goes.
  17. Think about how laughable (then latter downright insulting) it is when non-gun people try to BS about how much they know about guns.

    Usually they expose themselves right away by saying something uterly stupid from the bits they have picked up along the way; Like talking about how they carry a 8mm single-stack Glock 15.

    Don't do that.
  18. Golf is a stupid game!


    You have to play for 40 years to have the right to say that.
  19. It's a long walk interspaced with moments of bewilderment whilst trying to find a little white ball.

    If you can't converse on the sport from experience and convey the proper nuances you're going to be very successful at looking like the fraud you're trying to portray.

    If the subject comes up explain that while you're envious of anyone who is skilled at such a challenging endeavor your particular interest lies elsewhere... in this case a certain area of the shooting disciplines, i.e. pistol gaming, three-gun, bullseye, skeet/trap, black powder, etc.

    If applicable you might relate that you got interested in shooting during your military service, family member or close friend is in law enforcement or the old standby, you have loving memories of your father/grandfather taking you out shooting as a young boy.

    They may actually be more impressed and interested in your shooting acumen than they would be in your golfing skills.

    One other point to consider, would you want to hire someone who started the employment process by lying to you?

    Good luck.

  20. For the OP: I think the hook slice conversation might be nice to bring up due to the masters winner. Bubba is a lefty. His slice, is actually a hook. His hook is actually a slice. Why? The term is dependent on which side of the ball the player addresses.

    I only caught this because of his post match interview. Is it worthwhile to bring up? I dunno, maybe someone else will chime in.
  21. Just watch Caddyshack a few times and you'll be A-Okay
  22. I say don't BS them. Just be you.

    If knowing all about golf is critical to getting this job, then you're already dead in the water. I'm sorry to say that, but if you try to fake it and they so much as whiff a hint of phoniness -- even with some of the info you pick up on this thread -- they will see right through you and that will cost you the job.

    My suggestion is to be yourself and wow them with what you know about the job and why you're the perfect "fit" for the job.

    I wouldn't come right out the gate and tell them you don't know anything about golf, but on the other hand I wouldn't sit there and smile and nod every time something is said about the sport -- as if you know all about it. You'll get caught.
  23. Besides guns/shooting, what are some of the other sports and activities you participate in? Basketball, tennis, road or mountain biking, hunting, etc? I would mention your interest in these activities to hopefully off-set the golf issue. Mention these things so they know you are a well-rounded person. Just don't tell them you're a BS'er on GlockTalk like all of us here.:)
  24. its slow and rather boring you DO get a good walk out of it if you dont use a cart. You will either instantly like it or know its not your thing..to get good it takes YEARS and its rather expensive if you go enough to get good. I tried it and it isnt my game and im not in the least bit interested in wasting more $$ to "get better" so after going 5-6 times ive never been again...Just have better things to do with my $$$. one year with the dues id have paid for a season of golf(paying like this is getting your best rates) I instead bought a nice mountain bike(Diamondback) and a good pair of hiking boots(Lowas) and get much more fun out of them than I ever did Golfing :)
  25. Smart! Guys like that will love listening to themselves talk to someone new about something they love.
  26. Don't BS. They'll see right through you. Of course, they may actually be looking for a disingenuous ass-kisser and you'll be a perfect fit.

    This is good advice:

    Good luck with your meeting.
  27. This is pretty great advice.
  28. You the man. I'm with you.
  29. I don't have the patience for golf. Golf requires a lot of time and money to be good enough to enjoy playing it. Whenever I play golf I end up coming home frustrated with myself and the sport as well as about 300 golf balls less than when I started the day.
  30. OK i857 that sounds like great advice thx.

    So the sum of the responses were don't try to be a poser. I think its best, I am a terrible BSer, my wife can bust me on a lie in about 3 secs.

    The issue is I live in what is I guess the middle of golf heaven, even the PGA HQ is just a 10 min drive south.When I speak to people and tell them where I live they are like "oh whats your handicap ? :dunno: beer..is that right ?

    I like tennis, boats and guns, w/ 99% of free time and $$ going to guns. Unfort if I put under "interests" Blk Rifles, AKs, and 1911's I will be escorted out of the interview. A good friend of mine that has held a few CFO positions in the F500 comps always lists the same 3 things. "Photography, Wine and Golf" he has no clue how to do any of the 3 but he says it looks great to potential CEO's.

    Thanks for the help.
  31. A pilot will know instantly if someone is b***s******about their knowledge of flying a plane. Same thing with golf. Watch the Golf Channel.

  32. A correct and lighthearted answer would be "Yes. When it comes to golf I'm definitely handicapped."

    Don't sweat the small stuff. There are people who live in Sonoma who know nothing about wine and folks in the south who know nothing about NASCAR (that might be a stretch :supergrin:). Just be yourself, be genuine and everything else will sort itself out.
  33. Just get the ball in the clowns mouth and the windmill is a matter of timing :supergrin:

  34. Correct me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers, they're gonna lock me up and throw away the key...
  35. I sometimes do classes on improvised weapons where I teach people how to defend themselve either with or from golf sticks.
  36. However, on a more serious note, you might try using golf as a metaphor for someone who really has to work hard on something to get it right. If you have time, you might want to study up on anchoring an language patterns and weave that in. A totally off the hip example of an opener for this might be (I'll assume his name is mr. Jones. Plug in the actual name if you use this)

    You know Mr. Jones, I don't know a whole lot about golf, but what I do know is that the only people who get really good at it are those who are willing to really dig in and do whatever it takes to learn the game and get it done right. So, even without knowing a lot about the actual game, I know that what it takes to be good at it is very similar to what I bring to the table.

    Like I said, that's a rough quicky example, but I'd use this sort of approach rather than trying to fool somebody who is not likely to be fooled. In any event, good luck.
  37. Thx halo. You know here is the deal. I am 45, did well in the medical services field, investing and retired three yrs ago. I spend my days for the last two years piddling around on my 13,000 acre lease, plinking and annoying the wife and my teen kids around the house.

    I have not had any business suit on in forever let along looked for employment. However a really well managed medical REIT that I used to have a significant position in, is moving to my area. Their offices are literally in my backyard. I had a recommendation from a friend of their CFO and I am set to interview w/him this summer.

    I am from the deep south so I have a PhD in NASCAR btw..I am more effluent in the Junior Johnson, Davey and Bobbie Allison, Red Farmer and Cale Yarbough School of Education though.
  38. ...or on the golf course.:whistling:
  39. What do you do, or can you say?
  40. It's too late for you to learn enough even to BS about golf with a real golfer. If the subject comes up, just lay it on the line that you don't even know enough about the game to talk about it....much less, play it. Do not imply that you think the game sucks! A better approach would be to imply that you have often thought about taking up the game; but you were so busy with work that you just never felt like you had the time to devote to learning the game. :cool:
  41. Sorry, double tap.
  42. GOLF

  43. +1
    best advice for your interview

    as someone said above, if you try to cheat about your golf knowledge, they will see thru you.
    WE golf nuts can't be fooled. If they ask you about ICONS of the past, or about a swing tip, or a player that golf nuts know but not the general public, you will be toast.
  44. Use Google to find out the player who had the historical Double Eagle to take the lead at the Masters on Sunday. (you said you did watch it, so not a lie) Then learn how to pronounce his name. You win!
  45. In New Mexico, if you hit it out-of-bounds, you don't try to find the ball. Because you will find a rattlesnake first.

    Yeah, that's good. Tell them that.
  46. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcnFbCCgTo4"]Robin Willims - Golf (full version) - YouTube[/ame]

    All you ever wanted to know about golf.
  47. i honestly think they will see right through it. Golf isnt exactly something one just picks up. I played some with my ex and its sooo much harder and complicated than I ever thought. If you try to BS it you will just hurt your odds.
  48. Tell them that the only thing you know about golf relates to wimmens. Something on how you approach the hole.

    Then you can go on to your next job interview.
  49. Tell them the truth---golf is a waste of a perfectly good rifle range.