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Tell me about Dynamit Nobel (Geco) 9MM

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  2. Up until early to mid 2000 Geco brand 9mm was readily available. It was loaded with a 124gr gilding metal clad mild steel jacketed bullet. Geco brand 9mm ammo hasn't been available since around 2004.

    Dynamit Nobel A/G of Troisdorf, Germany, made ammo that was headstamped Geco, DAG & RWS.

    RUAG Ammotec of Switzerland now owns the rights to many of the European brands of ammo, including Geco, DAG, RWS & Norma to name a few.

    The current Geco ammo is reportedly made in Switzerland, just like the new production RWS 124FMJ that's on the market right now.

    I haven't received my shipment of the new Geco 9mm, but I expect that it'll be of the usual Swiss quality and more than likely will use the same gilding metal clad mild steel jacketed bullet like the older Geco and the current RWS ammo uses.
  3. It was great stuff when I could get it. I still have 1k stashed away for emergencies. I wish it would become available again.

  4. New production "Geco" ammo is now available from Ammo To Go and Aimsurplus. Ads say "Geco" but the boxes pictured have the Lot# printed on the face of the box and it starts with "DAG". It really doesn't make much difference what the ammo is stamped, but it should be quality ammo, and at $12-13 a box, it probably won't last long!

  5. Dont like the sound of that .
  6. Has anyone been able to confirm this regarding the new ammo. If so, does it really wear barrels more?
  7. Merk is correct yet again.

    The current RWS 9mm 124 gr. FMJ ammo employs a guilding metal clad mild steel jacket in it's fabrication.

    Checked it myself (it is definitely "magnetic") with a couple of boxes at the local range three days ago while shooting with my Dad. Mild steel jacketed bullets clad with gilding metal (Cu95/Zn05) won't hurt your barrel since the mild steel jacket never comes into contact with the bore interior anyway. The bullet actually "rides" upon the much softer gilding metal coating which is why you'll see copper residue when you clean your barrel after using it.

    Even if it did come into contact with your bore, the mild steel of the bullet jacket is still very much softer than your barrel's steel and won't hurt it anyway.

    It is good stuff. Shoot away.

    ETA: For the sake of perspective, I got the following converted Brinnell Hardness Numbers from www.matweb.com :

    Low carbon "mild" steel (1025): BHN 135
    Cartridge (70/30) Brass: BHN 138
    Gilding (95/5) Metal: BHN 101
    Pure Copper: BHN 83
    Lead, 3% Antimony: BHN 7
    Pure Lead: BHN 4.2

    Seems as if the RWS/Geco ammo would be no harsher than firing Golden Sabre JHPs (which uses cartridge brass jackets) down your bore.
  8. They had some on sale awhile back for $9.50 per box at one of the online shippers. I bought 500 rounds. Nothing to lose at that price. It shot o.k.. It sure wasn't anything special though. out of each box of 50 I had one or two duds. Some would go on the second hit. Some wouldn't. For the price it was good enough range fodder. But it's certainly nothing special.
  9. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I've shot thousands of rounds of this stuff without a single FTF/FTE/DUD/etc. Just wanted to post another experience with it.
  10. I've shot well over 5000 rounds of the RWS with zero failures to fire in Glocks, Kahrs and H&K's.
    If you have that many duds per box it sounds like a gun issue instead of an ammo issue.
  11. I bought some of this and gave it try recently. It's accurate and clean shooting - good stuff, but the following are considerations:

    The primer: It's hard. One of my competition guns with a light striker spring had a couple of light primer strikes resulting in a failure to fire. The ammo worked fine in my other 9mm pistols.

    The brass case: Reloaders be warned that the flash hole on this Boxer primed ammo is smaller than normal. As reported by others, a standard 9mm pistol reloading die's decapping pin probably won't fit through. You will need a special decapping pin or will have to drill out the small flash hole -- probably not worth the effort.

    The bullet: FMJ copper outside, but a magnet reveals there is steel beneath the copper. Some indoor ranges may prohibit using due to the presence of steel in the bullet.
  12. if you have a pistol with regular strength springs, you won't have to worry about any misfires, ever. it is very good quality.
  13. I've been using GECO 124 gr FMJ 9mm ammo almost exclusively at the range since late last year. I initially bought it for the low price--I keep using it for the quality. I've run in excess of 2000 rounds of this through my guns. It has functioned perfectly in three Glocks and two SIGs, it is accurate and it shoots pretty clean. In addition, it seems to be full-power, unlike many of the US brands of range ammo I've used that are generally somewhat underpowered in comparison to premium 9mm ammo in standard loadings. Some people have said it's loaded to +P or NATO levels. I researched it before using it and found a reference from the manufacturer that disputes this. I guess the people who say it's +P have just gotten used to shooting low-powered range ammo.

    As for the copper-coated steel bullet, it's not an issue. Most of us can't afford enough ammunition to wear out our gun barrels. Those that can afford it can afford to buy another barrel.
  14. +1. I recently bought my first case of this ammo for $189+frt and frankly, I wish my whole 9mm inventory was this stuff. Buy with confidence.
  15. What an old thread.
    My two cents after just buying and shooting a case of it.
    It's loaded well, it's clean, the brass is shiny, it's not dirty ammo.
    It's also the most inaccurate 9mm ammo I have ever shot.
    Shooting Plain cheap Bear is much more accurate.
    I don't know if it's the steel bullet that yaws or what, but accuracy out of 3 different guns of mine is pathetic.
    You can keep it, I won't buy it anymore.
  16. I'm fortunate that my Hornady dies had no problem punching the holes out. I'm not sure if this is because the Hornady decapping pins are smaller in diameter or if there is some lot to lot variation from the ammo.
  17. I was wondering about this stuff too...this vids sheds some light on this quelm...


    Not actually GECO but I think RUAG is same company like Wolf is sometimes Tula ammo...nah mean? Man I hope I didn't confuse y'all but I think it is the same ammo, if it ain't y'all tell me.

    Anyways great vid...
  18. Shoots just fine in my H&K's and Glocks.
    Last range session with the H&K P30 I was ringing a 8" plate at 50 yards with boring regularity.
  19. And the congregation said, " Amen!".
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  24. Actually I think the thread is still quite useful being the fact that recently Swiss 9mm ammunition has been showing up lots of places for a good price.

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    At Wal-mart Fall-apart yesterday I noticed they have this stuff for $12.97. That's only a dollar more than I can get Wolf steel case.

    Is this stuff Berdan Primed? It's the RWS Swedish stuff. I didn't buy any but I should have but I spent too much on a caliper and a bullet puller...not from wal-mart of course...
  29. The current 9mm ammo that is headstamped GECO, RWS and DAG are all boxer primed/reloadable, and is made by RUAG Ammotec of Switzerland.
  30. I should have snagged a couple boxes! Needing to get some brass for my bud to reload. Darn.

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