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Tell me about corsets.

  1. My wife has decided she loves corsets. I've bought her two in the last couple years and it wasn't until the last few weeks that she's really started to use them (I think prior to that she saw them more as bedroom wear, not as day to day lingerie.)

    Anyways I'd like to get her a few more... prefereably something that is made for higher use than a costume or bedroom-lingerie type corset.

    What should I look for? And where can I look without finding corsets that are $400+ in cost?
  2. One word: FREDERICK'S.

    If she is really interested in using a corset as a regular undergarment, Frederick's offers a nice variety of items that aren't too frilly (unless you want them to be) and are quite functional. I used one when I was a bridesmaid at a wedding; the dresses ran small and I did not find out in time to lose 10 lb. :)

    The model I ordered was Frederick's Ultimate Satin Corset, for $68.


    Frederick's front page banner has an entire corset drop-down section that you can peruse at your leisure. I am sure you will find a few styles that she will enjoy. :wavey:
  3. yup, she beat me to it. Fredericks, hands down for everyday type wear.
  4. Thats where I bought her first two.

    They seem to size the corsets by bust... like the corset is a 34 or a 36, etc.

    That doesn't tell me much about the waist. She'd like a corset that is at least 4 inches smaller than her natural waist.
  5. Hiya Neph! :wavey:

    But yeah... to answer your question....

    Day to day wear, 4" smaller than natural waist won't be found at Frederick's (I love my Frederick's corset btw, actually quite comfortable but they're not really "real" corsets). The absolute best ones are all custom made and run around $300 on the low end. The ready-to-wear, pre-sized ones are cheaper and you may find some good ones for as low as $100 depending on the style. Some that are just waist cinchers may be as low as $60.

    Here's some links:


  6. Thanks! :) I'm going to see how much she likes wearing the ones she has now that she has taken a fancy to them... and then pick up a few waist cinchers and go from there.

    Buying her a $300 corset -does- play into my spoiling side -and- she'd look amazing in it given her already waspy dimensions.
  7. So tonight (or last night for most of you... I don't really sleep anymore) some how I get conned into going shopping. Not really my favorite thing in the world.

    Then on top of that somehow I get the idea that to make up for being conned into going shopping we're going to stop by Frederick's and get something -I- like... which in a way worked out but it also ended up with Joy getting like $400 worth of new lingerie... including two new corsets.

    Another highlight of the whole adventure... she got remeasured for bras since the baby is pretty much weaned and such... I've never seen a woman so excited about a measurement. She's been working out a ton lately and her underbust measurement is down to a 34. You would have thought she'd have exploded right on the spot and kissed the frederick's girl for joy.
  8. Lol... sounds about right. :thumbsup: