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Teenagers...less than optimally programmed by parents

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by AZL, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. AZL


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    Jun 15, 2012
    Arizona Desert
    I was sent to Wal Mart last night to drop off RedBox movies and get Splenda.

    It was around 2040-2045.

    I park my truck at the far end of the parking lot. I like to park my new truck away from the "door dingers" and the walk does me good...AND from out there I can see any zombies who might be lurking nearer the building.

    I see a small group of early to mid-teens clustered together near a mid-90's Toyota Tacoma. They are laughing and carrying on.

    I get closer and see they are pointing a laser pointer at another group of similiarly laughing teens.

    Then BOTH groups of DNA-Mixtures Gone Wrong start pointing their laser pointers in random directions and at other shoppers.


    Let's see...after ALL the news reports about laser pointers (another just recently) being pointed at aircraft, and police officers shooting the source of a laser (I am IN this group), and a civilian CCW holder in South Tucson shooting a teenager for pointing a laser at him from a car (wasn't charged) 10 or so years think these dumbasses would have learned by now.

    I can picture ALL the scenarios how this could have played out.

    Luckily someone called 911 before I got there and a deputy rolled in and gave them a MASSIVE chewing of the butt and explained all the consequences from criminal charges up to and including someone shooting one of them.

    Is it just me...but I EXPECT (or have a reasonable expectation) that a laser is attached to a FIREARM and if a dot touches ME...I will react accordingly.

    How about you'ze guys?
  2. attrapereves


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    Sep 11, 2011
    You never did stupid things like that when you were a teen?

    I definitely remember throwing snowballs at cars, throwing junk in a movie theater at other people, etc (although I'm pretty sure I was around 12 or 13). I don't blame my parents for my behavior because I was well behaved in school and at home, so they had no idea I was up to no good. :-D

    I think part of the problem with today's kids is that parents are *too* strict, causing them to lash out. We live in a world of constant fear of predators, etc (some of this fear is warranted). My uncle was telling me that my grandfather allowed him to go out alone in the woods near their house and shoot cans and bottles with a .22 rifle. No way would a kid be allowed this much freedom today.