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Tee Shirts... What do you think of these, and would you buy one?

  1. I just came up with these designs today. I was trying to think of a cool range shirt for myself. I showed it to a few friends and they all wanted one.

    What do you think? I was thinking of getting some made up to sell after hearing their reactions. Fully customizable of course with your choice of Glock models.

    The pistol is so low on the shirt, so when you tuck in your shirt, it looks like you have one in your pant line.

    Give me some feedback if you will.

  2. gangsta.
  3. Awesome you stole the logo from shirts already being made. Very original. I'm sure glock will send you a thank you card.
  4. Any clothing that draws attention to myself is a not going to happen.
  5. I would never buy one.
  6. Probably not....most id wear was a T shirt with a SMALL logo left chest that said Glock(or any other gun) but I dont need to be a walking billboard.
  7. Very original. Yep. It is called a logo for a reason. Ever heard of brand identity? :rofl:
  8. haha.
  9. I created this image to put on some T-Shirts. I like the colors and may start selling them as well.
  10. Have non of you ever looked up Glock tee shirts in Google? They all have a Glock logo on them, well most of them. Not a single one of those designers created that logo ether.
    Do you think that the designer of that Coke sign created the coke logo? Nope, they have used that same logo for over 100 years. Unchanged.
    You all are missing the point.
  11. I'm betting that you can use it, as long as you pay Glock a royalty for each shirt, I'm sure the logo it trademarked, patented, whatever you call it :dunno:
  12. Well come back after Glock sells you the right to use that logo on your shirt and then I'll reject it again.
  13. Good luck with that. If it's trademarked, you cannot use it without their written permission.
  14. Yep, it is a Trademarked Logo. So I am sure the royalties will apply. I could always come up with some custom logo for Glock, but it would just not have the same branding.
  15. The point is this, my friend. Look into it. ®
  16. If you don't mind, post what Glock says, I'm wondering how that process works. Wonder if you just pay a one time fee or if you pay each time a shirt sells??
  17. Will do. I will see how far I can burrow into the phone system tomorrow. I am sure I will have a long line of people to talk too. :upeyes:
  18. I think its a creative design. I like how it would appear as though your mexican carrying if tucked in. Thats pretty funny! You guys are a bunch of pricks. Give the guy a break....Jesus. With that said I would probably never buy or wear one. But I can see all the gang banger wanna bes sporting this. You could make a pretty penny off of them. It would go perfect with their flamboyant styles.
  19. Nope. Kinda lame, honestly.
  20. Been done many times already with several different weapon types. The only "new" thing is the Glock logo, and I doubt they'd want anyone using their logo on a shirt that will cause some moron to call the cops on you when he sees you from a distance.