Ted Kennedy Reprimands Nephew

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    Monday, August 30, 2004
    Ted Kennedy Reprimands William Kennedy Smith for Ineptitude in Leaving Rape Victim Alive


    Chicago - Sen., Ted Kennedy openly expressed his disappoint towards nephew William Kennedy Smith for once again leaving a rape victim alive.

    “This is un-Kennedy like behavior.” Said Senator Kennedy. “Hasn’t the boy learned anything in the past few years?”

    A woman is suing William Kennedy Smith claiming that the member of the prominent political family sexually assaulted her five years ago "in a manner that will haunt me to the day I die."

    In 1991, a jury in West Palm Beach, Fla., acquitted Smith of sexual assault and battery on a then 30-year-old woman he met in a nightclub. He said the sex between him and the accuser had been consensual.

    Senator Kennedy expressed all matters should and will be settled out of court. “I have already made plans to discuss the situation with the accuser one on one. I believe it is just a misunderstanding. Perhaps she and I can take a nice quiet drive. Doesn’t she live near Lake Michigan?”