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Teacher of the year, sexually "abused" student.....

  1. Dear Teach,
    I'm needing some tutoring in biology on the different mammal sexual desires.


  2. Very "Not Guilty", but still sentenced to a spanking.
  3. 36. How old are your high school daughters?
  4. Arrested and charged does mean guilty.

    Right, OJ?
  5. I wish I had a teacher like that in high school. I would have known enough not to tell.
  6. Hey billy, are you having hot lunch today?

    Indeed I am.
  7. Now we know why she was “teacher of the year”. She really got the most out of her students.
  8. WTF is a "Family and Consumer Science Teacher"???
  9. I’ve been very naughty and I think I need a spanking.
  10. I'd clap her erasers for a extra credit

    Edit:. Seen more pics but did not like. She's guilty!
  11. we knew it as home ec
  12. Same chick.
  13. She got my vote for teacher of the year..
  14. I like being abused!
  15. She used to be a little thick...


    But she's obviously lost some pounds.

    I'd hit it.
  16. I second that motion. It is odd though how female teachers get a lesser punishment than male teachers seem to. Also how bad is a teachers' home life or mental state that a student is even considered as someone to knock boots with?? And no i wouldn't kick her out of bed.
  17. Would not, but ask me in 2 hours.
  18. I’m on the fence about guilt but I admire her energy and enthusiasm.
  19. Her husband probably is addicted to video games and can’t tell you what the business end of a pipe wrench is. I’m only guessing but I base my guesses on what I see around me.
  20. I think she is innocent.
  21. Gosh, the pic reminds me of an old strict Russian teacher.
  22. Well, her name IS Randi

    adjective: randy; comparative adjective: randier; superlative adjective: randiest
    1. 1.
      sexually aroused or excited.
      "as nervous as a randy adolescent on a hot date"
  23. "Randi Chaverria, 36, was a Family and Consumer Science teacher"
    Teaching by example. She consumed her male students.
  24. I need to go back to school....LMAO

  25. Home ec.

    Did it say male or female?
  26. that she does anyone in the family.
  27. I'll abuse her back and then some. I'm not racist !!! I'll hit that more than once.
  28. I'm not going to "high 5" the kid but the rest of you probably will. The most I'll go is high 5'ing the rest of you.
  29. And for those that voted for her!
  30. A fancy title for Home Economics or Domestic Arts. IOW cooking, cleaning, sewing and household budgeting.
  31. Yeah, naked she’s not that hot.

    That should keep people busy for a while.
  32. All glory is fleeting.
  33. :dunno:
  34. Sorry -- reminder to check that section next time before duplication
  35. I got a good education in catholic schools but i think those boys got a better one.
  36. More cushion for the pushing -- nothing wrong with being a bit thick!
  37. I thought we already passed the judgement and trial phase on this one, here at GT?
  38. The trial was blown due to a hung jury.
  39. Well her first name explains it all
  40. I love the part about her being “2019 secondary school teacher of the year”, I’m sure her male students all voted for her. That’s a classic. She gives 110%.
  41. Whatever happened to “As long as I don’t tell and you don’t swell we’ll both be happy as hell”!
  42. You have to love a woman who gives her all instead of simply blowing the chances she gets.
  43. I must have been one of the ugliest kids in my class, no one even winked at me....
  44. I don’t get why these kids are telling anyone (police, parents, school officials) other than their buddies. Scarred my azz, that kid would be a folk hero, lol.
  45. Particularly at upcoming high school reunions.
  46. Sounds like it wasn't the chances she was blowing.