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Taylor Freelance +8 Magazine Extensions now available!

Discussion in 'Lone Wolf Distributors Forum' started by LoneWolfMarketing, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Oct 27, 2010
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    New product from Lone Wolf Dist.

    Taylor Freelance +8 Magazine Extensions!

    The Glock pistol's high magazine capacity has always been one of its strengths. Taylor Freelance +8 Floorplates allow you to expand that capacity by a minimum of 8 rounds when using pre-ban high capacity magazines (for the 17/22 series Glocks). Originally designed for USPSA/IPSC competitors, the +8 Floorplate extends the magazine to the 170mm overall length allowed in international Open Division competition. Testimonial
    With USPSA now allowing 9mm Luger at "major" power factor, Glocks have become more competitive than ever. The new lower power factor floor of 165 (only 160 internationally) makes major 9mm very viable, and has become a hot topic recently on U.S. shores.

    If you're looking at running an "Open" Glock (a.k.a. top fuel, full-race, custom. . .) you've got to give these things a try.

    (Not for use on Glock 9 or 10 round magazines. In some areas, mounting our floorplates on such magazines is a violation of law.)

    Each floorplate comes with a matching Wolff +10% spring.

    Order your's today for $49.95 here
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