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Tax on Guns, Ammo in Tacoma, It's Starting

  1. I have mentioned on GT before that the liberals will go after ammo. This is not surprising.
  2. I’m glad I live in a fairly gun friendly state.
  3. Have been thinking the libs would be going for this. You get what you vote for and not surprising that this has taken effect in Washington. Pretty sure this wouldn’t fly where I live. Slippery slope
  4. Cancelled my move to WA just because of warnings from my friends who live there.
  5. West side of the state is pretty liberal, especially in 4 of the counties. East side of the state is God's Country, as we call it here. As CA goes, WA State follows.
  6. I guess that I will stock up on ammo.
  7. An AR 15 (with a .22 conversion kit) and loaded with Stingers or other hot .22 LR ammo would be nice in more ways than one. Easily and much more cheaply to load up on ammo with. Not only for cheap plinking, but cheaper than 5.56 and to easily truck in a few jackloads of ammo for, (to help counter ammo bans, "shortages" or taxes), and still have plenty of something to throw (or trade), if things go somewhere nasty in the proverbial handbasket.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Gray _Rider
    Old Secessh

  8. The .22 is good for quantity but one or two more powerful rifle calibers are also advisable.
  9. This is not about collecting taxes on pistols and ammo.
    It’s about kicking out gun shops and shooting ranges out of city limits.
    We’ll see how Bullseye and the others do in the next two years.
    I won’t pay the anmo tax.
    Hopefully Bellevue doesn’t follow Tacoma’s lead. Time will tell how many cities in western WA do this.
  10. I predict Bullseye and Welchers will open up stores in Spanaway or Lakewood and the city will lose a bit of money on this tax.
  11. I`ve mentioned this kind of thing coming long ago.
    First its a tax, then its a registration, then its licensing.
    Then they will stop components being shipped to reload with.
    Then comes licensing to reload ammunition. Permits for powder & primers.

    Its never going to stop until they`ve taken EVERYTHING away from us!!!
    Eventually, this poison will be nationwide!
  12. They keep rooting around in the tool box looking for that one golden opportunity, argument, or tragedy that can be jury rigged and manipulated like the English did that will finally tip the scales of public opinion against firearms ownership. EXACTLY like they did with the Confederate battle flag which then spread to the destruction and defacement of our monuments. As I warned and rightly predicted, that lunacy spread to other non CSA military monuments and Old Glory itself.

    With the current crop of panty waists coming of voting age and the influx of freedom hating anti gun immigrants who can't wait to vote this country into a disarmed third world pest hole, it could get "interesting" very quickly!

    Time to think about such things! The anti freedom, anti gun bleating sheep are constantly in flux and they never tire, never get discouraged at failure, and will not quit until they are happily marching, squealing and begging to the executioners block.

    Old Secessh
  13. Oh yes, never as a primary weapon. Just as a supplement or back up option.


  14. Start small, ...... TESTING ..... TESTING .... TESTING .... 1 2 3 .
  15. As many know, hard to tell where Seattle stops and Tacoma begins. I guess Tacoma got infected with Seattle disease.

    Seattle was slapped down a few years for concealed carry restrictions that conflicted with state laws.

    So, Seattle did the tax business on ammo and I think others and the result was few if any gunshops exist there. Think Tacoma will experience the same thing. Both loosing revenue but hey....they're "woke" and "doing the right thing". Yeah, sure, like the rest of the anti gun garbage, it won't accomplish anything, won't save lives but will impede the lives of the law abiding. Don
  16. Simple one word solution to the ammo tax....... Dillon.
  17. I always thought guns and ammo should be completely tax free, like churches and newspapers...

    Has this happened anywhere else? Be interesting to see if these kind of taxes would hold up in the USSC.
  18. By my calculations, that's $2.50 a box, or $50.00 a case!

    Ain't nobody got time for that.
  19. I don't want to sound pessimistic but, honestly, how far will $30K go toward preventing gun violence?
  20. Dems hate the working poor.
  21. They want the money, but they want the guns and the freedom for citizens to freely acquire them gone worse.

    They will be, and already are, attacking on all fronts. Shut down all the LGS, nowhere to buy firearms and ammunition locally.

    For all the people that say, "oh well, I get all my stuff online," don't think for a hot second that isn't on the their radar as well.

    The statist lamenting about the woefully under regulated "internet loophole" for guns and ammo and the legislation needed to fix it is coming, count on it.
  22. This is why we need to keep President Trump in office, for the SCOTUS votes.

    Do you hear me, never-Trumpers?????


    Gitcher heads outcher asses.
  23. Hmm, sounds like something the Democrats in the 1800s would have done, for racist reasons. Guess they haven't changed all that much.
  24. All of Washington is a leftist cesspool, both the state and the city. If people want to keep their 2A rights, and with that the nation itself, they better damn well get out and vote out the people actively working to take it all away and leave everyone else to pay the taxes and shut up.

    The fact is, there are close to 30 million illegals here now with millions more planned each year. It may already be too late to do anything about it.
  25. You are correct. It’s really about getting gun shops out of city limits. Sad.
    More cities to do this in the coming years in western WA.
    Next will be WA banning all internet ammo sales delivered to ones door.
  26. It is what it is on the east and west coasts. I would think people would get tired of elected officials wasting money and restricting liberty, I would be wrong

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  27. Don't worry, the civil War that is coming will fix this! We will get our country back!
  28. For sure. And in the future I want to see proof of where this money actually goes.
  29. But but, the wall!

    Yeah, for like 40 years now.
  30. It's cute that you think there are only 30 million!

  31. About as far as $30M, since money isn't the solution to the issue.
  32. You'll get no argument from me. I was low-balling the number a bit.
  33. Eventually they'll implement it across the entire state.

  34. Yeah this is were it starts..
    $25 , 2 and 5 cents now..
    Next year $50...10 and 25 cent..
    And..then so.
  35. Vote with your money. Move out of that state.
  36. Yep.