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  1. Well I’m not a big bullpup fan

    than a friend asked me to get him an IwI Tavor TS 12 which I did

    along the way I researched it a bit and I was impressed

    I’ve had Uzi’s and Gallil’s for decades and one thing they were and are is quality guns

    So I got one myself and unboxed it today and set it up

    6C4CEA20-A732-4ED7-992B-714821DDC5BE.jpeg BF1DD725-75D8-44E3-A0DA-99CEC0D9B1CF.jpeg 88CB8DBC-B5BB-4318-BDFF-F8C9657C8BD2.jpeg EA823DB2-8640-4936-B5CF-50E59C95D55F.jpeg

    So far I’m impressed

    gonna dial it in this weekend hopefully

    any of you shooting one

    thoughts ?
  2. My friend bought one last year. Fantastic weapon. Lots of fun to shoot.
  3. Love my X95z. If I were to buy a shotgun it would be the TS-12.
  4. That looks like fun. Congrats
  5. Anxious to get sometime on the gun

    Like i said I’m not a Bullpup fan ...... but I like this setup

    Feels very AR like
  6. As a bullpup fan, you should hate it and sell it to me.
  7. Ill let you know how it shoots :)
  8. An interesting looking shotgun, sadly it is totally impractical for left handed shooters or being shifted to the off side shoulder.

  9. No it’s not you can switch controls over to left hand
  10. What's it total weight with all the accoutrements you've got attached to it and a full compliment of ammunition?
  11. Ill wei

    I’ll weight and get back planning on shooting it in this weekend
  12. I stand corrected, I initially viewed the thread on my tablet and missed the cover over the second ejection port, can it be converted without any additional parts?
  13. I like bullpups and I trust IMI. Just waiting for the price come down.

  14. From what I understand you have to send it in to convert the ejection port
  15. I've had mine for about a year, have put about 700 rounds total through it, mostly the crap green-shell 00 buck "surplus". It has eaten everything I've fed it, from low brass 7-1/2 to slugs, with only one hiccup I can remember; an ejected shell somehow got spun around and jammed the action. Quick remedial action drill, and it was clear.

    Fully loaded with 15+1, especially heavy loads, and a sling becomes desirable. The magazine tubes took some breaking in to rotate smoothly in both directions. When pressing the stud that ejects rounds from the magazine one at a time, do it firmly. A half-assed press will shoot the entire magazine tube contents out in one fast stream. It's pretty well balanced with three full tubes, but it gets ass-heavy as you expend ammo.

    I'd like it better with a pistol grip, but the cutlass grip isn't bad. It's neat, it's reliable, and it's pretty accurate, but I'll probably sell mine since somehow the M500 is what always ends up in the truck...
  16. I read a review on a GunsAmerica blog and it got panned due to failure to feed/extract ~6-7%. For the price I'll keep my KSG handy or my Shockwave.
    BTW, I'm a bullpup fanatic also!
  17. I’ve been lucky this one runs like a top
  18. After putting a lot of time on this gun all I can say is that I’m really impressed

    It eats everything and its size makes it an ideal vehicle gun

    This has been a nice car companion

  19. Pretty cool lookin'.