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Taurus settles class action lawsuit

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That's a lot of moolah for a firearms company.
only if they had initially invested that money into making guns that don't suck.
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only if they had initially invested that money into making guns that don't suck.
Now that's just crazy talk :rofl:
Had one of those PT145's years ago and it discharged with the safety on. Took t too my gunsmith for a look see. Wrote up a paper for me on the problem. Sent the gun back to Taurus. They denied their was a problem. I told them I had a sworn statement from a gunsmith as to the defect with the gun.
The lady I spoke with was shocked and said "why would you do that". Told her because I had dealt with Taurus before. They sent me a new gun. I never took delivery of it used it as a down payment on a SIG. Don't trust Taurus plan and simple.
The PT145 was very accurate, great in the hand, and a nice gun. But with a serious flaw. Shame Taurus had had some nice designs. Just very hit or miss and customer service is not what it should be. I know they have a "lifetime warranty". Good luck with that!
first handgun was a taurus revolver, the cylinder flew open during firing and wouldn't lock again, the company makes junk
I don't know what happened to Taurus. In the late 1980s they churned out some decent guns for the money and then suddenly the crap just hit the fan.
It seems they are in limbo these days with leadership. I like my Taurus guns, but I'm careful with inspecting before buying.
That does seem like a pretty substantial amount - I wonder how much damage that will cause the company.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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