Taurus LSDS range report... I'm keeping it!

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    Feb 11, 2001
    The Taurus LSDS is a longslide (LS = Longslide, DS = Decock Striker) version of the 24/7 and, of course, those were all recalled! I had virtually a twin to this one - The OSS and I sent that one back and took the $200 they offered. The OSS had several issues as well as being inaccurate. The LSDS has been good! And maybe this is Taurus in a nutshell.
    But this range report is about this LSDS.
    The first load up was Hellfire - 115g - FMJ - a reloaded round no longer produced. I bought a case and am now down to 50 rounds. It has always functioned well! First shots on paper at 14 yards:

    LSDS Hellfire paper.jpg

    Ok but not great. Here is steel at 18 yards!I went 6 outta 7 on it!:

    LSDS Hellfire more round steel.jpg

    In the background, you see the gong at 25 yards and here are shots on it :

    LSDA Hellfire gong.jpg

    Only 2-4 there but I ended up going 5-7. No failures to feed,fire or eject thru fifty rounds with Hellfire. Hits were as follow (on steel not shown) at different distances:
    18 yard steel (7.2" X 12") = 5 fer 7
    8" popper at 32 yards = 5-7
    8" square knockdown at 33 yards = 2-2
    large silhouette (12"x 20") at 50 yards = 7-11

    The next offering was Northern Hills Precision - 124g - RN - another remanufactured round...also no longer produced. Northern Hills in 357Sig was pretty good stuff and this 9mm has thus far functioned well... but doesn't seem super accurate.
    Here are shots on paper with it at 14 yards:

    LSDS NHP more paper.jpg

    Not too shabby thru this Taurus.
    My biggest issue with this pistol is that the trigger, which is a short reach to start with, breaks way to the rear. That was one of the reasons I bought it, as my one daughter has small hands and that short reach worked well for her. With my big hands, it feels a little awkward. If I shot this pistol often, I'm sure I would get used to it!

    Twenty-five yards and in, I was perfect... going 4/4 on each 18 yard steel and on the 25 yard gong. Farther out, my accuracy was somewhat shaky. I was only 2-6 on the 32 yard popper and a miserable 2-8 on the 33 yard knockdown. Here is one hit!:

    LSDS NHP KD.jpg

    I managed to get in 9 hits out of 15 shots on the far steel at fifty yards...

    LSDS NHP more  far steel.jpg

    But one was just the smallest of nicks. Luckily it was at the very bottom so I saw movement! The Northern Hill Precision ammo functioned flawlessly as well - no hiccups!

    The last load for the trip was NOT remanned ammo, it was Perfecta - 115g - FMJ
    The Taurus and the Perfecta played well together! Shots on paper at 14 yards (Holes above pistol)!:

    LSDS Perf paper.jpg

    Perfect 6 fer 6 on both 18 yard steels. Here is the one to the right of me!

    LSDS Perf round steel.jpg

    Perfect 6/6 on the gong at 25 as well.... annnd on the Popper at 32 (which is usually my nemesis):

    LSDS Perf popper.jpg

    Three for four on the Knockdown:

    LSS Perf KD.jpg

    And... 12-15 on the 50 yard steel:

    LSDS Perf far steel two.jpg

    No troubles with the Pefecta either so a perfect run function-wise on the day.

    Totals for this gun:

    1,250 rounds representing 16 offerings!