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Taurus 851 - Git'N Er dirty!!

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I have carried this one a lot...but not shot it a lot. A big "no-no" I know! I relied on the reputation of my other 851 - a blued model that has lots of rounds thru it! The bluing on that one was so nice, I started feeling guilty carrying it so much, so I purchased a second in stainless.
Well, I decided to get it out and get it dirty!! (now that summer is upon us, and I will carry it more)
First, I shot a cylinder-full of my carry load - Black hills - 125g - JHP+P at ten yards:

Then I pulled out some Ace Ammo Co. - 158g - LSWC. I got this stuff off of a Gunbroker auction say...inexpensively! It is reloaded stuff that was made in Redding, CA who knows how long ago! I couldn't find any current mention of them on the WW interwebs. Anyway, it shot fine but was kinda smokey. Felt like I was shooting black powder at times (which was fun) Here are my first six shots with it!

I had no problem hitting steel at 17 yards but the bowling pins out at Forty+ yards were too tough that day!

I shot a box of the Ace and then another cylinder-full of the Black Hills..... then a box of the Ace, and another two cylinder-fulls of the Black Hills. All rounds functioned flawlessly, but the 851 was getting pretty dirty at this point:

270 round thru this particular 851 now with no issues of any kind!

Taurus 851 with Ace Ammo:

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Great pics. My first Taurus was an inherited (from wife's father after he passed) 'old' model 85. A year or so ago I bought a nice used 605 from a Pharmacist who bought it to carry but decided it was too heavy. I keep this one loaded with .38 spl +P
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I've never had any major issues with Taurus revolvers, though I inspect them before buying and have sorted through a fair share of them that shouldn't have left the factory.
Currently, I have three Tauri and a Rossi, the View (without the view) being my most current with about 100 rounds in it at this point.

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