Taurus 669 - My favorite 357 Magnum - range report!

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    Feb 11, 2001
    Not my favorite revolver (that is probably my Taurus 851)....but it is my favorite 357 Magnum revolver. She is the reason I bought other 669's and a 689. I bought this one used - Production date is 1988. Has it really been 32 years!!! I haven't had this gal out in a ridiculous amount of time. That's what happens when you have too many horses in the stable...you can't exercise them all!
    Needless to say, it felt good to have her out again. first load up was 38 Spcl Wisconsin Cartridge Corp. - 158g - HP(RL) and here are six shots on paper at 14 yards:

    669 wcc paper more.jpg

    I went seven-fer-seven on both steel at 18 yards. Here was steel to my left (after three shots):

    669 wcc steel.jpg

    And here was 18 yard steel to my right showing all seven shots:

    669 wcc round steel more.jpg

    One round on each of these was fired Double Action. Now out to 25 yards, I went 5/6 on the gong (and an additional 1-2 fired DA):

    669 wcc gong more.jpg

    The popper at 30 yards, which always gives me troubles, was elusive again! I only hit it two outta six and was skunked at 0-2 shooting Double Action.
    The three knockdowns at 33 yards were a different story! I went 2/2 on all three of them! That's a good feeling!
    Rounding it out, I went 4/6 on the big silhouette at 50 yards (and 0/2 DA)

    Next load up was also a remanufactured load, but in 357 Magnum - LAX - 158g - CP(RL)
    Now, I love LAX ammo in 357Sig but have not had the same luck with them in 38 Spcl or 357 Mag. Every round fired off OK, but my accuracy with it was not great. Here are six shots at 14 yards on paper with LAX:

    669 LAX paper.jpg

    Maybe I should say not consistent from round to round... instead of not great. I did go 3/3 on 18 yard steel to my left and 2/3 on 18 yard steel to my right. Also went 2/3 on the 25 yard gong. I connected once on the (dreaded) popper. Here are two of the knockdowns at 33 yards:

    669 LAX knockdowns.jpg

    It took only one shot to hit the 8" square one....two shots to hit the small silhouette. But, it took me 9 shots to hit the 8" round steel (I should have flipped it over to the orange side for picture). Never did hit the far steel..... 0-fer-five!!

    Next load up was 38 Spcl Geco - 158g - FMJ and I was back to smiles. Here are the first three shots on paper at 14 yards:

    669 Geco paper.jpg

    The next three shots were not as good but still not a bad six shot group. At 25 yards and in, I only had one miss:
    6/6 on 18 yard steel left
    5/6 on 18 yard steel right
    6/6 on the 25 yard gong

    OK, here is 4/6 on the darned popper (I swear I only bring it along to keep me humble) at 30 yards:

    669 Geco popper more.jpg

    On the 33 yard knockdowns, two-fer two on both the 8" square and 8" round KD's but it took me seven shots to connect twice on the silhouette (on right)

    669 Geco kd more.jpg

    Out to the large silhouette at 50 yards, and i went 7/9!

    669 geco far steel more.jpg

    Totals for the gun:

    38 Special - 505 rounds representing 8 offerings

    357 Magnum - 186 rounds representing 3 offerings

    Parting shot: Taurus 669 in Simply Rugged pancake holster:

    669 wcc holster.jpg
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    Oct 15, 2004
    My first Revolver was a Taurus 669. I'm guessing I bought it back around 1997. It's an accurate shooter like your's and has never given me any problems.

    The only modification I did was to put some pachmyer grips on it.

    Still have it.

    Seeing your post makes me want to take mine out to the range for a shooting session.
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    Jun 17, 2020
    Beautiful! I want to buy a pair of Taurus 856's (I think that's what they're called), but all the Taurus haters have scared me off. That and watching the price go from 250 to 350 in the last several weeks.
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