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Taurus 605 poly

Discussion in 'The Snubbie Club' started by Usmcfox, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Usmcfox


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    Dec 27, 2011
    So I recently purchased a Taurus model 605 poly in .357 magnum just thought I would share my initial impressions. Saw the firearm sitting at my local gunshop and was attracted by its size, looks, price and caliber. At $330 it was a steal. Comparable guns from smith and Wesson and ruger run at the cheapest $200+ more. So I bought it and took it to te range today. I was very impressed. 0 malfunctions, fired all rounds I fired through it. .38 specials fired all 50 fine. My only complain is the grip. Being a 2" barrel it has substantial recoil from 357 and after 100 rounds my hands are bright red. But being it is a concealed carry weapon I cannot gripe. The .357 magnum rounds also fired well. 50 Winchester 110gr white box self defense hollow points being my favorite grouping a respectable 4.75 inch 5 shot group at 7 yards. The recoil was manageable And muzzle flash was manageable. The 125gr remington round nose had a noticeable recoil with large muzzle flash. Again 0 failures. The guns trigger is crisp and smooth on both single and double action. The gun is extremely light, ad is very concealable, small enough to fit in my shorts pocket. The only problem being a new gun there are no holsters currently being made model specific for it. So you have to buy a size fitted holster, smith and Wesson j frame/ Taurus 605 holsters work. My general thoughts on the gun: if you're looking for a cheap concealable gun that looks as good as it fires this is the gun for you, and with a lifetime warranty you can't beat it.