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Ok, so I've wanted one for years, but I could never decide on something that I wanted to live with forever, or where the heck I would PUT it. I've now decided on WHAT I want, (a teal awareness ribbon, my mom has ovarian cancer), but I'm sort of stumped on where.

I am NOT the type to get out there in your face ink. Look, we were born and raised in the DC burbs, in a conservative Jewish family, the LAST thing I'm gonna do is get one that's highly visible. I also would like to find a place that's least likely to sag.

VR has agreed, pending where I'm gonna put it. He's not a big fan, but he knows it's something I've been dying to do.

Any suggestions?

I had ONE idea that I'm kind of leaning towards, but I want to hear if anyone has anything better. (I'll tell you later where I'm thinking)

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We have a tattoo expert in here... he'll chime in, I'm sure.

I have two, one on my left bicep and one on my right shoulder - both can be covered by a short sleeve shirt.

Jay's really ok with it?

I would say high up on your arm near your shoulder, or on your back - shoulderblade.

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A friend wanted something small where she could see it daily but cover it up if she wanted. She decided on her inner wrist. The tat is small enough to hide behind her watch.

I have wanted some ink for years but I can't decide on what/where either. :rofl:

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Sharon, the most difficult part of getting a tat is the where, in my opinion.

Having seen several.....ummmm.....cleavage pics, I'd say that area is out.:whistling:

I would be inclined to put one in the appendix area if'n I was a wimmins.

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I have the sun from the Sublime 40 oz. to Freedom album cover but instead of the face inside, is the names and birthdates for my 2 boys. That's my left shoulder. My right upper arm has a tribal tattoo that i got when i was 18 and did because i was 18. I like it and am going to add on to it in a bit.

My cousin does tattoos and does em for free.

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Mrs. VR;11413249 said:
:rofl: :rofl: thanks, that's very helpful. :tease:
I'm scared of needles, but he has put up with a little ***** for such a long time, a few hundred little pricks injecting ink shouldn't phase him a bit.


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I used to go to this one shop and the guy there said if you can't find one you like, get one you don't like and it'll grow on ya.

Here is an idea. Pick one that can be added on to later if you want.

These are things that I believe a tat should represent.

I should mean something to you of a very personal nature.
It should have a story behind it.
It should be quality.

IMHO tat's don't look good on girls arms, especially the bicep or forearm.

What looks good to me and what I think are classy places for tat's on women are..
High up on the outer thigh. You can see it with a bikini and cover it easily other wise.
On either side of the belly button at waist to hip bone level.
On the nape of the neck, show it when you want or keep your hair in back and hide it when you want.
Out side of the ankle.
On the breast.
Just above the "mount of Venus"
Butt cheek

I used to have a girlfriend that had a Peacock that started above her left breast close to the collar bone and went down over the breast, across her tummy with the tail crossing over to her leg. It spanned over two feet and just thinking about that is making me feel funny somewhere...
Anyhoo, do some real research. There are fine line tat's and tribal tat's and old school japanese tat's that showcase shading and colors.

I'll be getting more. I have a plan to go to Japan and get a Shading tat Old school style with no "ink gun" They use a very long steel pole with 3, 4,5 ,6 and more needle points on the end of it. The repeatedly stroke the points in to the skin. One tat may take 4 or 5 trips. I can't wait.
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