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Task force recommends changes to health care costs

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by EagleOne716, Mar 16, 2008.

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    For those that have not received the latest copy of Army Echoes, here is a copy of an article that I found interesting. Here they go again, altering the lie that they told us concerning "Just sign here on the dotted line, retire and get free lifetime medical services for you and your family." :steamed:
    If you are as mad about it as I am, write your Congressman.
    I hope that the vet organizations (AUSA, VFW, American Legion) are taking the bull by the balls...and letting them know how displeased we are with their stupid recommendations.
    SFC, United States Army (Ret.) - I am a VET, and I VOTE!!!
    Task force recommends changes to health care costs
    The DoD Task Force on the Future of Military Health Care has recommended increasing TRICARE fees, deductibles and copayments for military retirees and creating new enrollment fees. The task force also recommended limiting switching from Standard to Prime, or vice versa, to an annual open season.
    Congress, in the National Defense Authorization Act, has delayed any DoD health care increases until Sep. 30, 2008 (article on the next page).
    Following are the task force’s recommendations; they cannot take effect until they're approved by DoD and, in most cases, Congress. We will report updates in future Echoes and on our homepage.
    IF the recommendations are approved:
    Medicare-eligible TRICARE for Life beneficiaries: would pay an annual enrollment fee of $120 in addition to their Medicare premiums. The enrollment fee would phased in over four years, and changed annually at the same rate that health care costs change. It could be waived for retirees who take steps specified by DoD to improve their health or reduce costs.
    Beneficiaries not yet Medicare-eligible:
    TRICARE Standard – beneficiaries would pay a new annual enrollment fee of $120, increased annually based on increases in health care costs. The family deductible would be inceased to an average of $600 ($300 for single), based on retired pay. Those using only the pharmacy benefit would have pay the enrollment fee.
    TRICARE Prime – the average family enrollment fee would rise gradually from $460 a year to an average of $1,100 a year. The fee would be based on gross retired pay and could be adjusted annually, based on increases in health care costs.
    Retired Pay Levels used to determine costs –These levels would start at: $0 to $19,999; $20,000 to $39,000; and $40,000 or higher and would be adjusted based on changes to retired pay.
    Catastrophic cap – would be lowered to $2,500 but would no longer include enrollment fees.
    Pharmacy – copays would increase for every category except mail order generics.