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Target Store Manager Kicks Out Cops Doing School Supply Drive For Kids

  1. More ridiculous petty BS from the left.




    NEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) -- The New Britain mayor is calling out her city’s Target store.

    On Tuesday, Mayor Erin Stewart took to Twitter saying a store manager told city police officers to leave the premises as they were trying to hold their annual back-to-school supply drive.

    According to Stewart, the store manager told officers to leave because "he doesn’t support the police."

    New Britain's Fire Chief Raul Ortiz even reacted to the incident on Twitter, saying "I’ll donate. That is unbelievable. Isn’t community policing and involvement what we want more of? Our NBPD has been exceptional in that aspect."

    Not long after she posted about the incident on Twitter, she followed up by saying Target’s regional manager made a personal $500 donation for supplies, and apologized for what had happened.

    She also said Target is now letting the police department go back to the store this weekend to continue its collection drive. It'll be held on Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. A bin has also been placed inside the store.

    Channel 3 has reached out to Target for a comment on Wednesday. While the company hasn't released an official statement, it says there's more to this story.

    On Wednesday, New Britain spokesman Edward Ford said "the past 24 hours we've seen a tremendous amount of support from the community for the police department's back to school drive."

    For those interested in donating, a bin has also been placed in the lobby of the police department downtown.
  2. Leftists gonna leftist. "I have an opinion, you must bow down to it."

    Not surprising at all.
  3. At least in this town the Mayor had the PDs back. Rare sight these days, that.
  4. I'll be anxious to hear that "more to this story" of which they speak.
  5. Target manager needs to be fired. Corporate Target needs to tell all stores in no uncertain terms that such behavior will not be tolerated. Don
  6. You know they'd have already done that if the manager had kicked out BLM or Antifa...
  7. If I owned Target, I'd keep the firing a secret and let the rest of the rats in the other stores hang themselves with their shenanigans.
  8. Has the manager been fired? Why not?
  9. I don't shop at Target. Period.
  10. Burn it to the ground.

    Oh, wait. We're the civilized ones. Lucky for them.
  11. Sadly, I think you're correct. Don
  12. This is shades of Denny's refusing to serve Secret Service agents and Starbuck's telling cops to leave because they traumatize some of their weenie customers. Don
  13. Fine. Next time there’s a robbery and they call the cops, let the manager get shot in the head.
  14. Ditto
  15. I'm curious to hear the rest of this story. Usually Shop with a Cop events are coordinated with the store well in advance because the store wants the publicity. We've run our Christmas Shop with a Cop with Meijer for years with no problems. They even do a corporate match to give the kids more money. It's great outreach and free publicity for them.

    Seems weird that the manager would pull this with a pre- planned event. If the cops were running some kind of stealth event without the knowledge of the store, then that's pretty goofy thing for them to be doing. The manager is still a jerk, but it makes a little more sense that he did what he did if the event wasn't coordinated with him.
  16. Perhaps there are multiple managers, or higher management neglected to tell him of the event.
  17. Erin is a republican. ‘Nuff said.......

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  18. $500 donation from a multi-billion corporation?

    Get bent, Target.
  19. With a name like target you think they would have guns.
  20. Good job on the mayor for calling out the Target manager. I'd vote for her!

    BTW doesn’t just about every company have a termination clause about portraying the company negatively? Fire the manager, end of story.
  21. I was thinking along the same lines. The cops don't just show up unannounced and set up their stuff without it being pre-approved
  22. I haven't shopped at Target since they kicked out the Salvation Army bell ringers.

  23. I live close by. Never heard a thing about this. Listen to local news radio all day long(cant stand TV news, bunch of empty talking heads). Never a story. The left buries the news that makes their side look bad.
  24. I believe there are a number of “managers” at a target.
  25. No shopping at Target for me and my wife!
  26. So police need permission and an appointment to buy stuff?
  27. Do not call the police when trouble happens!
  28. I think you're confused. They don't need permission or an appointment to buy stuff, but just like anybody else they need prior approval to set up a donation drive on private property.
  29. I wouldn't fire the manager, that just puts another person out of work. but I would make him take special classes on how not to be stupid!
  30. Not sure of what was "set up".
  31. Plaster the front of the store at night with Trump signs and posters. Throw in a few Blue Lives Matter stickers. The "peaceful protesters" will arrive shortly to claim their reparations and burn it to the ground.
  32. Karmic response, I like it.

    And if the town happens to be sane, then the store gets a pass from rioters and looters.

  33. I have been inside a Target store exactly one time, to redeem some Target gift cards so they wouldn't get to keep the value of them, since my best friend's eight-year-old granddaughter left the women's restroom upset and confused because there was a man loitering in there. He must not have "identified as" a woman too much, as he was sporting a full beard and in men's clothing. This in a conservative small Southern town. Target's policy on restrooms.

    I've been done with Target for quite a while.
  34. Are you being purposely obtuse ?
  35. Being an a-hole and putting the company you work for in a bad light has it's consequenses for a reason. A boycott of this store will put more than just the a-hole out of work.
  36. Nope

    Maybe i should clarify...

    Did they set up a booth or something on store property without permission?
    Did they contact the store earlier but this weasle of a manager decide to be a db?
    Was it just some cops in the store buying school supplies?