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Tampa- St Pete- Clearwater people

  1. Thinking about moving to one of the mentioned...any input?

  2. Renting or buying?
    I would stay away from Pinellas or Western Pasco County if you plan on buying. The property tax and homeowners insurance will kill you. Shoot, the property tax anywhere in FL is a ball buster.

    I live in Eastern Pasco County. 106' elevation. I don't have to carry flood insurance here!:banana:

    I personally like to stay out in the suburbs. Less traffic out here.
  3. Thanks. I'd like to buy, but wouldnt mind renting for a while. I hear the Clearwater area is nice...
  4. Traffic is a b1tch between Tampa and Clearwater. It is nice over there though. You plan on working in Clearwater?
  5. I'm a real estate broker in Tampa (26 yrs). Feel free to pm me with any specific questions.

  6. I finish nursing school soon, so I could pretty much work anywhere. I'm leaning twds Tampa bc of the Univ and amount of hospitals.

    I'm looking for a very small but new pref concrete block house, 1/1.5 or 2/2 maybe.

    Thanks, when the time gets closer I'll PM ya.

    Would appreciate anymore opinions guys/gals...
  7. Seems there's much more available in Tampa. Which areas of Tampa should I stay away from? N S E W?
  8. PM sent.
  9. Well, the area around USF is not real desireable. You can go a bit north into Lutz or New Tampa and that is nice. UCH is close by.
    South Tampa is also nice but pricey and TGH is right there on Davis island. (plus St. Joe's or Memorial) You may find cheaper homes south of Gandy, but I think everything south of Kennedy is $$$$ anymore.
    Brandon is nice, but stay away from East Tampa (between Tampa and Brandon)
  10. Thanks alot Rich and Michael, really appreciate it. :thumbsup:
  11. Fish Hawk & Valrico areas are nice.
  12. thanks
  13. I live north of USF (actually across from the USF golf course) and it is not too shabby. Now to the west of USF benind the VA and north of the Mall, that is a GHETTO but north of USF and going into Tampa Palms and New Tampa:thumbsup:

    Good Luck.
    Dennis P.
  14. St. Pete all the way!!!

    There are three hospitals and many nice beach bars.

  15. They need three to process all the geriatrics in town!!
  16. :laughabove: That's great!

    Actually all the old people died off around 1998 all the 20 - 40 year olds moved in and took the houses and condos. St. Pete is a much more hip town than it used to be.
  17. Far enough away but close enough to the beach. I live in Tampa Palms (New Tampa.) Close to everything and the interstates. Everything in the bay area is atleast a 30 min drive. It's actually all paradise. If you work fulltime you have 2 days vacation each week! :supergrin:

    I love the New Tampa area but we have been thinking of getting some land in the Lutz area.
  18. You'll probably want to aviod living in or around Ybor City, parts of Temple Terrace and north Tampa (USF area), anything south of Bearss Ave. between I-275 and Nebraska Ave., the Busch Gardens area, most of East Tampa, and around the I-275/I-4 connector. Just some friendly advice.
  19. The Lutz\LandOLakes(North Hillsbrough South Pasco) area is a decent place to live traffc gets worse every year but its still not terrible.
  20. Lotsa good condos to rent and / or buy in the brandon / east tampa area. Crosswynde comes to mind. They have 2bd 2bth starting around 166,000 and on up to about 230,000. It's a nice area, close to Crosstown , 301, i-75, and therefore i-4. Shoot Straight is a 10 minute drive north, there's a CostCo, 2 super wally worlds, brandon mall (and Dick's Sporting Goods!), and a ton of good eating spots.

    Other Spots:
    Alexandria Place Town Homes. A bit pricey, but nice, gated, and well kept
  21. I live in West Pasco. Found 2 heavily wooded acres in 2004. Had just enough land cleared to plop a trisection manufactured home in the middle of it. We love it. We are 10 miles inland, outside of the mandatory evac zones. Close enough to things we need, but out far enough to be semi-isolated. Now if we could just get the "yutes" to move out of the rented house across the street, we would be much happier... :thumbsup:
  22. On the Pinellas side taxes are high, costs are high, property is high. We are seeing a drop in grade school students. Some schools may close. Costs are too excessive to raise families here they say. Crime is increasing daily. Traffic is a serious problem. The Tampa side is not much better. If you can work out the logistics of worksite, living site, and recreational site you may be OK. A nightmare would be working in one part and living in some other part. You would spend your life in traffic. No effective mass transit. Roads are clogged. Homeowners insurance is a joke, generally not avaiable. You would really have to work at everthing to achieve a reasonable quality of life. Some people love it. I have been here for 40 years.
  23. St. Pete is where it's at!!! Downtown is one of the nicest ever. Fishing galore! Beaches galore! I work in Tampa, live in St. Pete and the commute across the bay isn't bad at all - 20 minutes. Of course, that's cuz I don't have to deal with rush hour!!!!! Rush hour traffic is much MUCH worse so keep that in mind.