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Talk About Snail Mail

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Glockrunner, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Glockrunner

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Woman receives return package mailed in 1989

    Pineville -- In this age of electronic information, detractors of the U.S. Postal Service often criticize its delivery speed as "snail mail," but the snails were especially slow for Vonette McKithern, who recently received a return package almost 17 years after mailing it.

    In 1989, McKithern's daughter, Vicki Kemp, was a young bride who had moved with her husband from Pineville to Baton Rouge. One of the things Kemp had left at her Pineville home was a garment bag with her name embroidered on it, a gift from her grandfather.

    McKithern filled the bag with a few small trinkets for Kemp and mailed it to her. Kemp never received the package, and her mother assumed it had been lost in the mail, never to be seen again. McKithern said she couldn't believe her eyes when she received the long-forgotten package in the mail a few weeks ago.

    "I didn't remember sending it or what was in it," McKithern said.

    Once she opened the package, which she had paid $2.40 to send as priority mail, it all came back to her.

    "It was very smelly after all this time. It's a good thing that I didn't send food or it would have been really gross," McKithern said.

    Deciding it was better late than never, she delivered the package to her daughter, who had divorced, remarried and moved back to Pineville years ago.

    Kemp said she was surprised, but glad, to finally receive the package her mother had sent. She said she was especially happy to get back the bag given to her by her grandfather, who passed away three years ago.

    "I was shocked and amazed that it was still around. My life has really changed since then. Back then, I didn't have kids, but now I have two," Kemp said.

    Trent Nelson, the Postal Service's local operations manager, said his investigation has led him to believe the package was sitting in the office of the trailer park in Baton Rouge, to where Kemp had moved, before being returned in the mail.

    "Usually when we have situations like this, 99 percent of the time the package is not at the post office," he said.

    McKithern, though, said she probably will never know how a package she sent nearly two decades ago finally found its way back to her.

    "I just wonder where it has been all this time. That's the thing, where has it been?" McKithern said.
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    Feb 15, 2006
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    "Usually when we have situations like this, 99 percent of the time the package is not at the post office," he said

    I find that hard to believe!

    We arrested our mail clerk for fraud while I was stationed in Greece.

    When we finally got the search warrent to search his home (it was off base and it took a while to get the Greek search warrent)we found 100 unopened mail bags with dates begining from almost the day he arrived on station. (20 months)

    His house was full of cookies, photos, magazines, video tapes, all kinds of stuff people were sent from home.

    In his eventual confession, he said he took one or two bags a week and would look through them and keep what he wanted then deliver the other stuff. The bags laying around his house were the ones he just hadn't got to yet.

    You know how he got caught?

    He kept ordering replacement bags from Helenicon (Main Base in Greece)
    The postal service center thought he was selling the empty bags to the Greeks, they had no idea about the mail theft.
    (The Greeks will buy anything with "US" on it. A big red bag with "US Mail" would sell well)

    I know over the years, I lost a dozen of packages both coming and going, I beleive the main problem lies with the post office, not esle where.


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    Jul 28, 1999
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    It always surprises people when I tell them that in my entire life, (going on nearly 60 years now), I've never had anything lost in the mail. Sometimes it is slow in arriving, but nothing has ever been completely lost.