Takin' A Wizz !

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    Two garden worms lived together on a golf course.

    The first worm asked his friend, "What kind of day is it ?"

    The second worm replied, " I don't know, but I was thinkin' of goin' up and checking it out."

    The first worm said, "That's a good idea. Why don't you do just that ?"

    So the second worm started on his way up through the dirt.

    At the same time, two lady golfers were walking along the fairway. The first lady golfer said, "Geez, I gotta have a wizz."

    Her friend replied, "Well, it's still only very early, and there's nobody else here on the course, why don't ya do it right here, nobody will ever know."

    The first lady said, "Ya really reckon it'll be okay ?"

    "Yeah." replied her friend.

    So she decided she would, and pulled down her knickers, lifted up her little golf dress and squatted.

    She was just about to commence when the worm poked his head up out of the grass right below her.

    She let go a hell of a squirt, and the worm got drenched.

    He was drippin' wet as he glided back down through the dirt.

    The first worm looked at his friend and said, "Oh, looks like it's rainin' up there, huh ?"

    The second worm replied, "Not only is it rainin' up there, it's rainin' so hard the ****in' birds are buildin' their nests upside-down."