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Tactical Boots, Wooley Pulleys, Arab Shemaghs, knife leg straps

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All items plus shipping.

5 New Tan Arab Shemagh desert headdresses. No packaging. $9.00 each

4 New size small Brigade Quartermaster Wooley Pulley sweaters. Two green, two black $20 each.

2 New white size medium womens Magnum Essential equipment T-shirts. 80% poly, 20% spandex List at $20 each, both for $16.

Nylon webbing leg straps to secure tactical knives to lower leg.
Glock Knife $10 per 2 piece set.
Kabar kydex sheath $15 per 3 piece set
USMC 7" leather (Kabar, Camillus, issue, etc...) $15 per 3 piece set

New Size 9 M Corcoran 1575 tactical boots (MSRP:$162.00) $85.00

New Size 7-1/2m Magnum Elite 900 Kevlar 8" side-zip boots. Really cool boot (MSRP:$150) $85.00

New Size 6m Matterhorn Search & Rescue Safety toe boot model 12700. Fantastic boots. (MSRP $274.00) $100

Almost new with scuffed toe Iron age Model 232 11-1/2C steel toe low top boot. Black. (MSRP $130) $50

Quality firearms
Good user RH Pal 36 (no buffed, abused or worn out blades)
USN Issue marked Ka-Bar w/plastic-metal sheath.(No repros)
USGI Issue Pilots Survival Knife in excellent to new condition. (No repros)
Competent, inexpensive web site design.
???Got something I can't live without???
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i would like some leg straps for my sog pentagon and i'm not sure what would fit or if they will fit.
Let me work on an adjustable model. How about a picture of the sheath with a few measurements?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts