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Tacdeck firearms training cards

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Tacdeck firearms training cards. Has anyone heard of these guys? I picked up a set at a local gun show in Denver, CO about a month and a half ago and I can't stop raving about them. Good group of guys with real experience in tactical operations and firearms training. I must say that my range days included doing the same ole same ole every time. Now I take these decks of cards with me to the shooting range, shuffle them up, and my training changes every time. I purchased all four of their decks which include handgun, shotgun, Navy Seal, and SWAT rifle. Check them out if you're stumped about how to train on the range. They're basically a firearms training class on decks of cards., and they're also on Facebook.
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Couple of questions:
a) Do I have to wear black Molle stuff to do the SWAT card training?
b) I don't have a big beard and wife-beaters, will this be a big hamper for my SEAL card training?
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Dudenal, now that right there was some funny frickin' schiznitz .... I don't care who you are. :rollsmiley:

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Got enough tags on it?
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