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System 32 question

  1. Every time I run AVG virus scan the first thing that comes up is

    Object- C:\windows\system 32\kernel 32.DLL

    result- Change

    Status- Changed

    Is this a good or a bad thing? Should I do anything about it?
    Have I done something wrong?

  2. Is it Windows 98 or ME?
  3. XP pro
  4. I recommend reinstalling your AVG software, updating it (i.e. downloading the latest virus definition files), and then trying to run it successfully without the error message appearing.

    Windows and Windows-based programs are unfortunately quite prone to cryptic error messages. Then again, alot of software is.
  5. Nope, none of those things worked. It still comes up when I do a scan.
  6. Grisoft, the makers of AVG say as long as the report only shows a change and not "Infacted" you shouldn't worry about it.

  7. The f3 key thing did it. Thanks, it was a pain in the you know what when it kept showing up.