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Switching Drives

  1. I have 2 internal drives C and D with C being the default drive. I'm running out of space on C and have switched all the info I can to D drive, my question: Some thing that I try to move windows won't let me move them, can I copy the folder to D and then delete that folder on C and still have everthing still work? Most of what I want to move are program files. Can I do this? Thanks
  2. You can't just move the program files for an installed program, it won't work. What you can do is un-install the program using Control Panel, then re-install it choosing drive D: for the new installation.
  3. I was afraid of that!! I've had these programs for so long now and a couple of moves, I don't have the orignial cd's. Thanks
  4. You might be able to free some space by moving the location of your "Virtual Memory" (link is for XP)
  5. You might be able to free up some space by turning off system restore than restart and create a new one.
  6. You can move most program files you'll just need to tell shortcuts where they're pointing to.
  7. You could use a utility such as Clonezilla to move the OS's partition to a larger (new) drive ...


  8. Couple of issues here.
    1) Windows has a thing called the Registry that keeps track of where all software is installed. If you 'just move' something the registry will not know and you will not be able to find it. When software gets installed, part of the install process is to update the registry.
    2) Windows will not let you move many 'hidden' files without some kind of third party app. Protecting you from yourself.

    Is the D drive a lot bigger than the C drive?
    Would you be up for just replacing the C drive with the D?
    You would need something like Norton Ghost - Not free
    or Clonezilla - free.

    Please don't try to just 'copy' the drive. You need to update the MBR - Master Boot Record. basically telling your system which drive is the boot drive.
  9. Clone it and be done with it. Acronis is nice and easy, Ghost great if you have experience. I'm going to have to check out Clonezilla myself right now.
    Just know your SOURCE and DESTINATION drives...
  10. I tried this and I have no Performance and Maintenance tab under control panel.
  11. Start - Run "sysdm.cpl" minus the quotes.
  12. Do you actually have two separate, physical hard drives in the computer, or do you have one drive that has been partitioned to appear to the computer as two separate disks?

    If the latter, I wonder if you could delete the "D" partition while keeping all your data intact in order to have one large "C" drive...If this is possible (I don't know...will defer to others here) best to backup your data first anyway...
  13. Yes, I have 2 seperate drives on my computer.My son built this thing and I don't know why he did that. He wanted to make the D drive the default drive but what he tried did not work. He was going to transfer all of C drive to D and rename it and it would not transfer. I have approx 1.17gb on C and 106 on D. Thanks
  14. Yes, this can be done using a 3rd party partition manager like Partition Magic, Paragon Partition Manager etc ... personally I'd swap the drives around and reinstall the OS.