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Sweet Googly-Moogly! This XD-357 is a shooter!!

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Every time I take this XD out, I am impressed by how well it shoots. It is right up there with my P320 and Glock 31 as my favorite striker-fired 357Sig.
This was also probably the hottest range trip I have ever experienced - mid 90's. I prefer the cold if anything so....yoi! After 150 round thru my Grand Power, I had to shut it down after one box thru the XD. But, what a box it was! Federal American Eagle - 125g - FMJ.
I came within one shot of having no misses out of a box of 50. I have only done that once before - with the CZ P-09 and Sig Sauer - 125g - FMJ ammo. It was even more of a challenge on this day though as I had three knockdowns rather than one, and the knockdowns were at 36 yards rather than 32 yards. I had moved most of the targets closer, as I had moved back to keep in the shade, but the knockdowns, the popper and the far steel were at their usual spots ...and therefore further away!
Anyway, here are the first three shots on paper at 14 yards (all standing and offhand as usual):

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Airsoft

I didn't use the same aiming point for the next three shots, to try to attain the tightest group. I wanted to hit the orange dot! Still, not a bad six shot group:

Gun Firearm Trigger Airsoft gun Gun accessory

I then put three shots on all the steels with no misses. Only one shot on the knockdowns at 36 yards tho' - as they were all hits!!

Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Airsoft gun

(The knockdowns are an 8" round, an 8" square and then a 7.2x12" small silhouette)
Then I went around the horn again....again with no misses!! Here are all six on the gong at 25 yards:

Gun Revolver Air gun Shooting Airsoft gun

And a nice little check-mark pattern on the popper at 31 yards to show all six hits!:

Biome Recreation State park

I then concentrated the rest of the shots on the far steel at 53 yards. On shot #49 out of the box (yes 49!!:burn:) I had a miss. Hit on the last shot to go 13/14 on the far steel:


I may have missed a rare opportunity. Oh well, just have to try again! No malfunctions at all - as I would expect with Federal ammo and the XD.

Totals for the gun:

357Sig: 595 rounds representing 11 offerings
40S&W: 0 rounds representing 0 offering

Parting shot: Two shots, two knockdowns on the 8" square at 36 yards:

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