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Swarovski Z6i Holds and zero's using 77 grain SMK reloads

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Alaskapopo, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Feb 6, 2000
    Here are my zero’s and holds using a 200 yard zero and a 340 yard zero using the cross hair and the duplex as aiming points on my Swarovski. This data maybe usefull to you if you shoot a 14.5 to 16 inch gun with a similar load like MK 262 or 75 grain Hornaday TAP.


    Bear in mind this only works on 6x and only with my load which is a 77 grain Sierra Match King going 2528.

    I turned the illumination off in the photo to better illustrate what I was talking about. You can make this work for you if you have more or less velocity by tweaking your zero range.

    Three gun Rifle Zero’s.

    0 Clicks 200 yards
    6 Clicks 300 yards
    9 clicks 340 yards (Long range zero duplex dead on at 500)
    14 clicks 400 yards
    25 clicks 500 yards.

    200 yard zero holds.

    1. 0-250 yards aim dead on with cross hair. (aim 2 inches low on head shots at 100 yards)
    2. 300 yards hold just off top of target (assuming 10 inch flasher)
    3. 350 yards hold bottom of target with duplex part of reticle.
    4. 400 yards hold dead on with duplex part of reticle.
    5. 500 yards not do able because the duplex covers the target.

    340 yard zero holds.

    1. 50 yards 3 inches high (don’t worry about it unless taking a head shot on paper then aim at neck line)
    2. 100 yards 7.1 inches high (Paper aim lower 1/3 of A zone for head aim shoulder level for steel aim bottom of 10 inch flasher)
    3. 150 yards 9.5 inches high aim with reticle below flasher with just a bit of air between the reticle and the steel)
    4. 200 same as above
    5. 250 same as above
    6. 300 aim at lower 1/3 of the steel target
    7. 350 aim dead on
    8. 400 aim with duplex part of the reticle at lower 1/3 of the larue target.
    9. 500 aim dead on with duplex part of the reticle.