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swapping triggers question

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I would like to put a smooth trigger on my 26. happens to be right by my house. They don't have anything that specifically says "smooth trigger," but they have different triggers for different glocks.

Can I buy I G17 trigger and put it in my G26? Is everything the same except the smoothness of the 17 trigger? Same size, etc?
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Yes. The G17 trigger assembly (trigger and trigger bar) is what you want.
Hey XDRoX,
If you don't need the grooved trigger, put it up in the "free tag-pass it forward" section. I have a dedicated rimfire AA conversion kit/frame and it has a smooth trigger. My son (who loves this .22) asked if he could have a grooved trigger instead of the smooth.
Only if you wish to depart with it.
Yeah the G17 trigger is the same
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