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Suzuki M109r

  1. WOW. Saw one for the first time the other day. Didn't even know what it was. A kid in his early 20's pulled up on it next to a light.

    Can't afford one right now, but I may be looking to sell the SV650S and move up to one of these.

    I haven't seen a cruiser that I've ever liked the looks of. To me they all look like Harley's, and all Harley's look the same. Something about the lines on this one that really set it off.

    Lots of chrome.
    Upside down forks.
    Dual front disk brakes.
    Huge 240 rear tire.
    1800cc motor.
    Fuel injected.

    118lb/ft of torque


  2. I looked at them but I really wanted a Hayabusa My insurance man is real happy I bought the Busa instead.:rofl:
  3. Did he quote you on both the M109 and the Hayabusa? How did those rates compare? MY 02 SV650S that I bought new runs me about $250/year. 28 years old, no accidents, maxed out coverage, $500 deductible. A 600+cc true "sportbike" would have run me upwards of $1,000 a year.

    I went to geico to get a quick quote. On the SV they quoted me $417 a year and for the newer, more expensive, bigger engine, more power M109r the difference for the same coverage was only $20 higher...
  4. Before you give up your SV, try to ride this behemoth first. Yeah, it got some pick up & go, but will your legs even reach the pegs? It's that far forward. Not to mention are you ready to give up your maneuverability?

    Otherwise it does have a potent engine, a decent front fork and decent front brakes.
  5. Definately will ride before I buy.

    I'm 5'9'' 250, and wear 36/30 pants. I can flat foot the SV with both feet and the GSXR shock in the rear (which raises it up about 2 inches).

    I like the SV, but I feel like I weigh too much for it, it bothers my back and wrists since I don't ride it too often and I'd like something comfortable enough to run around town for 2-4 hours at a time.
  6. You seem to have long enough legs for that M109, but really, take a test ride. That cruiser is Suzuki's idea of being an attitude cruiser, so the riding position is pretty extreme and not meant for relaxed seating.

    PS Try out the Triumph Tiger 1050. It'll have plenty of oomph and leg rooms for you, not to mention you are not going to have to sacrifice maneuverability.
  7. Looked at a white one at Extreme Motorsports in Salisbury NC..(posting that for a reason..LOL)
    Do I like the looks...sure.
    Would I own one....no.

    Im looking for a Honda Rune right now. The 109 is a tad wide, and I didnt like the fact that the pipes were against my leg when riding in what I call my normal position on it. To keep from having the heat shield right against my leg, I had to cock out my right leg and that didnt seem like much fun for me on a long haul.

    Partial thread hijack...

    Now..about that Extreme comment...thats about the most ignorant bunch of sales drones I have ever met in my entire life.
    The owner, while a nice guy, is wondering why hes about to go under, even though hes got the nicest showroom in the area, the largest selection of bikes, and a good location, not to mention the water sports section too..
    If you need parts, you are better off going to the local dealer, even though they are listed as dealers for several brands. Last time I went in, I went for a clutch lever, had the part number with me, and the twit behind the parts desk was too busy texting his mommy, gf, so, whatever, to bother looking to see if he had it. Told me, no, we dont carry that..wait..whats it fit again? No..we dont have that..can order it for you..takes about 3 to 5 weeks..........:shocked:
    Ummm..20 minutes to the north, had it in my hand, and when I called to ask someone else if Extreme had it, I got another guy that said they keep 4 or 5 on hand, had it, and it was $30....got the lever from the other Honda dealer for $10.

    Back to the 109...
    If it fits ya, have at it. It is a good looking ride, just not for me.