Suspended OU student turned in 2 guns

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    Suspended OU student turned in 2 guns
    Friday, May 04, 2007
    Jim Phillips

    ATHENS, Ohio ? Ohio University President Roderick McDavis has suspended a student accused of alarming behavior, including bringing weapons to class, and unsafely flying airplanes in the school aviation program.

    Officials did not identify the male student because he has not been charged with a crime. He has, however, been banned from OU property. The man, who lives off campus, turned over two firearms to campus police, McDavis said.

    McDavis also ordered an investigation to find out why he learned only Wednesday of the student?s behavior, which has reportedly been of concern since 2004 and involved carrying a handgun and knife into classrooms.

    "We are as interested in that question as is everyone else," McDavis said at a news conference.

    The student already had a disciplinary case pending before OU Judiciaries involving an allegedly violent breach of the student conduct code, McDavis said.

    During that case, information came to light about other incidents.

    As administrators investigated the case, students and staff members came forward to say that they were afraid of the student. Previous accusations include an assault on another student, McDavis said, though he added that he is not aware of any criminal charges filed after the incident. The man also allegedly had threatened other students and staff members.

    University officials had no details about the allegation of unsafe flying. Aviation program and OU Airport officials declined to comment. Federal Aviation Administration officials could not immediately provide any complaints concerning unsafe flying around the OU Airport.

    Kent Smith Jr., vice president of student affairs, said the latest allegations are "very serious" if true.

    McDavis stressed that violence, threats of violence and carrying weapons on campus are "behavior that we absolutely will not tolerate." He said he is unhappy about the problem going on so long without being reported, and he intends to find out why.

    The student was suspended under a presidential interim suspension, which can be imposed immediately to eject students charged with serious offenses without first going through the campus discipline process.

    In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings in which 32 were killed, the OU incident was the second security scare of the week on an Ohio college campus.

    On Tuesday, a man was charged with menacing after allegedly threatening to burn down a dormitory at Kenyon College in Gambier and claiming to have a machine gun. The suspect was released by a campus security officer, with five hours passing before police were called.

    In April 2005, an OU student was arrested without incident after being found with two loaded, hidden handguns in Alden Library. He earlier had abducted his roommate at gunpoint before releasing him. The student was expelled and charged but later was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

    Dispatch reporter Randy Ludlow contributed to this story.

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