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Survival and Emergency Preparedness

  1. Well, as many know, the new and improved SEP board is back :cheers:

    In just over a month of being back online we have about 3/4ths of the previous membership back with a lot of new faces. My thanks and appreciation to the folks here that have contributed and continue to contribute in a major way. It was a combination of this section (going all the way back to the Y2K section) and the Self Reliance Illustrated forum that caused the SEP board to get started.

    It is gratifying to see the amount of experience here and on SEP and fantastic to see that experience continually get added to daily. You never know when someone new to preparedness may view one of these threads and take the initiative. You never know when something here or on SEP may actually save a life or at the least help mitigate a situation and make things better for someone.

    Whether you post here, on SEP or like many of us, on both...cheers and well done!

  2. Is LG1 there?
  3. He's been gone for over two and half years.
  4. One of the best survival/preparedness magazines out there.
    Can be pretty damned weird at times, but ALWAYS very informative.
  5. One of the best magazines was Self Reliance Illustrated. Very much enjoyed ever issue and have them in paper form as well as PDF. The PDF version can be picked up very inexpensive and it's well worth it.

    Couple of links for the PDF version:


    $3.99 for all 22 issues is fantastic and it's a great resource.

  6. Always enjoyed this forum, it is one of the few on GT where the resident trolls don't constantly s... on the threads.
  7. I read Self Reliance Illustrated and I very much enjoyed it.