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  1. Starts about 5:00 in, about 8:00 they start surround the Police and attacking and the 10-1's start. 10:00 they start tipping over a wagon with the guys inside. From there it gets worse and worse and worse. Ive been in 4 or 5 but none as bad as this.

    The genius's running the show didn't even cancel days off because they didn't want to spend the $ on OT. There couldn't have been more then 500 or so POs out there surrounded by many thousands of violent anarchists. They would put 6 to 12 on an intersection and they just for their butts kicked. Some got stripped of their gear.

    As far as I know not one K9 was deployed. This is the prime shopping district in the city and that night the tipping point was reached. Its now the rule of the mob, something out of a Judge Dredd movie. The anarchists, either using our own radios stripped from the coppers, or their own electronics started stepping on radio transmissions from the street radios.

  2. Apologies - I’m a little confused. Do you mean to say that rioters disarmed the Chicago PD last night?

    Heaven help us.
  3. There is an iconic photo from the anti-Vietnam war era protests posted at one of our precincts. It shows 6 officers surrounded by a sea of protesters, literally thousands. But there is a bubble around the 6 officers, about 3' in every direction.

    Apparently protesters had different thoughts about attacking police officers in those days.
  4. Democrats are throwing the police officers to the wolves.
  5. Fundamentally transforming America.
  6. Probably because old school cops handed out ass kickings way more often.
  7. 30/31 May, over last weekend. Sorry I thought the dates were posted on the you tube link. Last night was quiet, except for the regular 16 shootings in the minority neighborhoods, 3 of them fatal so far. 1275 for the year, at least 256 homicides with only a few shootings due to the riots. You know? Typical summer. Its hard to pin down exact numbers. One such beat down "there were more". https://twitter.com/mkultranews/status/1266867809490894849

    I was sitting home Last Sat. night when a friend called me and told me to listen in to the City Wide zone. I couldn't believe my ears. Heres where they tried to over turn the wagon with the guys in it, other cops couldnt get to them.

    There are videos of the beat downs out there but I cant find them right now. We had 256 injured over all down town. The radio interference, "BTW there was no PLAN"

    Guns flying off the shelves. I could have worked non-stop as a premium paid security with 33 years police experience but I refused to go anywhere down there. I wont name names but they were some of the most known politicians and millionaires wanting the services of guys like me. No more riots for me.
  8. F***.
    Houston hasn’t gotten that bad yet, I still commute in from the sticks for work.
    I’ve increased my carry capacity in lieu of the funeral coming to our little hamlet soon.

    I pray for the safety of those in the middle of this.