Surfing Moose

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    Sep 10, 2001
    A fully grown moose has been spotted surfing down a rain-swollen river in Norway on a large chunk of ice.

    It's not clear whether the moose got caught on ice that suddenly became free or whether he grabbed his chance for a wild ride down the Namsen River, reports Aftenposten.

    Witness Kjell Grannes happened to be watching the river from his kitchen window, near Overhalla, when the moose came surfing down the river. He told Trondheim newspaper Adresseavisen that the ice was clear "so it almost looked like the moose was walking on water".

    Grannes said he quickly drove to a bridge farther downstream, arriving in time to watch the 'King of the Forest' fall into the water.

    "Fortunately, it managed to make it over to land, and looked like it was in good shape as it ran up the bank and towards a housing development," Grannes said.